Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Diary of A Black Lesbian Is Moving!

Diary of A Black Lesbian is moving. This has been a long time coming, and I think now is the right time to make the jump...now that I've decided to dedicate myself to being the best damn lesbian blogger on the web. 

I'm moving from blogger to wordpress. I'm moving from free hosting to paid hosting. 

I'm still in the middle of customizing my new blog, but here is the link: www.diaryofablacklesbian.com

I'm in the process of getting a custom header. The general layout of the blog is what you see on the site now. I'm going to change some of the colors and fonts. It will probably be up and running in another week or so. 

What does this mean for you, the subscribers, of this blog?

-If you have an email subscription to this blog you don't have to do anything. I have imported your emails into my mailchimp account. You will receive email updates through mailchimp when I post a new blog. Email updates will arrive at 11:00 AM EST. 

-If you subscribe to my blog using an RSS feed reader, you will need to remove the old feed from your reader and add my new feed:  http://www.diaryofablacklesbian.com/feed/

Your subscription to my new blog will differ in one very important way from my old blog: You will only receive a summary of my recent blog post via email. 

The reason why I am doing this is because I want to build a community. I want active participants on my new blog. I want you to visit and comment. I am building my brand. 

My new blog will be more advance than this blog. Part of my blog will be devoted to MY LIFE. While the other part of my blog will be devote to reviews of books, movies, music, random thoughts, business, money, politics and social issues. 

This is going to be fun. 

Jump ship!

I will see you on the other side.

P.S. My old blog will stay open to view my archives. However, ALL comment threads will be closed.
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