Monday, May 11, 2015

This Was Very Good...

Yesterday I watched this really good lesbian movie called I Can't Think Straight. Sapphire introduced me to the movie and I must say I enjoyed it....not simply because it is a lesbian movie, but because it shows two lesbians of color (they look middle eastern to me) in love. It is nice to see two women who share the same racial background (I think) paired together rather than the usual twist of white supremacy that involves pairing a woman of color with a white woman. This is what I want to see from black lesbian entertainment. I want to see two feminine black women engaged in a functional loving relationship with each other. 

I enjoyed this movie so much that I purchased the book that shares the same title off Amazon. If you wish to watch the movie you can do so for free by heading over to Hulu. I tried to embed the video on my blog but it wouldn't stick. However, here is the link to the video.

Oh and P.S....I changed the comment feature on my blog (Disqus). In order to comment now you must verify your email address, which means you have to register for an account with Disqus. It helps keep the trolls off my site.
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