Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Proof That I'm Not Crazy...

Take a look at the chart above. This chart comes from a survey that was done in 2012 by American Community Survey. As you can see black lesbians were the most likely group to be raising children at 48% which is damn near double that of white lesbians (25%).

Does anyone want to guess how those children came to be (i.e., one of the lesbians at some point was involved with a man as opposed to the two lesbians planning a family together)?

I'm willing to bet 99% of that 48% comes from one of the lesbians being involved with a man at some point.

Next chart...

Notice how Georgia (the state where I live) is deep in the blue. A closer glance at the chart reveals that in  Atlanta (and surrounding  areas) 79%-100% of African American same sex couples are raising their own children (note "own" children are never-married children under 18 who are sons or daughters of one partner or spouse by birth, marriage (stepchild), or adoption).

This means that women like me who are looking for childless black women are pretty much assed out!

The next time I want to come on MY blog and rant about the fucked up situation in the black community, and in Atlanta, I don't want to hear a damn thing from my haters that says otherwise.
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