Sunday, February 22, 2015

Cosmetics For Black Women

Today I bought $150.00 in cosmetics. Why? Because I recently became interested in makeup. I've been studying Youtube videos to learn how to apply foundation, eye shadow, blush, etc. I've discovered a lot of skilled and wonderful black women who are GREAT makeup artists....

I know what you're only took damn near 30 years for this to happen, but yes, the feminine tomboy has discovered the wonders of makeup. Honestly, I discovered the wonders of makeup 12 years ago on prom night. I love the way it made me look then and I love the way it makes me look now. I've just been fighting the impulse to become a "girly girl" up until this point.

This might have something to do with the fact that I've been rocking this old fashioned Dorothy Dandridge look with my dreads and I've been getting compliments left and right...

By the way, next month makes 1 year I've been in this lock journey. Congratulate me!

Needless to say I'm feeling real good about myself right now. 

Anyway, I ventured out to a few stores to purchase some makeup. I discovered something that both disappointed me and intrigued me. Generally speaking, black women, no matter our skin tone, don't have a huge variety of products available to us. I seriously struggled to find a foundation that matched my caramel skin tone. I ended up settling for a caramel colored foundation that was advertised under Queen Latifah's Cover Girl line. I was extremely disappointed with the blush and eye shadow that was available. None of it seemed to be quite what I was looking for as a black woman. 

I remember reading something in Black Enterprise Magazine not too long ago about black cosmetics. There was an article that mentioned Fashion Fair is the largest (and perhaps most successful) black cosmetics line on the market. I find that funny because when I think of Fashion Fair I consider it my grandmother's line of cosmetics. I honestly don't know anyone under 50 who uses it. Everybody I know gets their cosmetics from the Mac counter. 

This whole process of finding the right cosmetics got me thinking: Why hasn't anyone come up with better products for black women? Surely this is a goldmine...just waiting for the right person. I began doing my research and I ran across a few very interesting facts that aren't very surprising (i.e., black women spend more money on cosmetics than anyone else). The budding entrepreneur in me snapped to attention. This could be the thing I've been looking for....a product I can actually create!

I want your opinion on the cosmetics industry. I have created a survey. It is completely anonymous. Please take time out of your day to complete it. Click HERE.
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