Monday, January 26, 2015

A Social Experiment....For The Right Sperm Donor

My opinion of the ideal black man

I have decided to stop focusing so much attention on my love life (or lack thereof). Instead, I want to shift my focus to another matter...

I want children. That's no secret. I am going on 30 years old this year and that clock is ticking. I swear I will NEVER bring any children into this world as a single parent. I do hope to one day meet the right woman and have children with her. That is the plan. In the meantime, I think I will busy myself looking for OUR sperm donor. 

I can't imagine this task will be hard. The world is full of men. The world is full of black men. The world is full of thirsty ass niggas, who don't give a solid shit about their sperm. A lot of dudes out here just want to get a nut...damn the product that comes from it. 

I'm just keeping it 100. I don't think there is another race of man as emotionally nonchalant about their seed as African American men. So, I can honestly say I'm not sweating this task. I will say I want to be friends with this individual...if only for the sake of the kids who might want to get to know him one day.

So, what is my ideal sperm donor?

Ideally, he will be at least 6'0,'' dark-skinned, athletic, smart/educated, and handsome. For whatever reason whenever I think about this image the faces/bodies of Reggie Bush, Lance Gross, and Morris Chestnut pop up in my head...

So how will I find this person? Good question...

I want to put out an ad that reads, Attractive Successful Black Lesbian Seeks Tall, Dark, and Handsome Black Men As Sperm Donor (and Friendship)

I want to see how many hits I will receive from the ad. I'm really going to do it. I will chronicle the results on this blog.

Feel free to drop your two cents in the comment section.
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