Sunday, January 4, 2015

Black Women: Are You Sick of Black Men's Shit Yet? Let Me Show You Why You Should Be....

I swear this year (2015) I am going HARD on black males and their misogyny. I'm not playing any games about it. I'm not going to sugarcoat it or tiptoe around anyone's feelings. I'm going to speak the whole truth and nothing but the truth....and I don't give a fuck who it hurts, disturbs, or rubs the wrong way.  

I'm thinking of creating a whole new blog just to put black men's self-hatred, internalized racism, sexism, and misogyny on full blast. That's how passionate I am about this topic. Since I don't deal with black men on any type of romantic level I'm quite certain it will be easy for me to throw them and their bullshit straight under the bus.  So, maybe this is my new calling in life.

Today while browsing the internet I ran across a beautiful work of art that was done by a black woman...

As you can see from the illustration it is a beautiful black woman who is leaving behind 2014 and heading into 2015. It seems she is leaving behind baggage such as "jealousy" "temper" "hate" "fake friends" "heart break" and "negativity" while carrying "focus" "love" "God" etc with her into 2015.

The artwork is a very powerful and uplifting message that I think can apply to a number of black women out here (myself included). Personally, I appreciate the artist and her work. Too bad I can't say the same for a number of black men. 

Dumb, jealous, misogynistic black men across the internet have taken this artist's work and modified it to fit their disrespectful, hateful, racist, stereotypical image of black women...


To add insult to injury these disrespectful niggas have the nerve to tag this bullshit with their twitter usernames...that's how out of touch and bold these motherfuckers are with their disrespect for black women. You NEVER see this type of disrespectful crap from men of other races in regards to the women of their race...NEVER!

When I first saw this shit I was naturally outraged! I guarantee if a black man had created a powerful and uplifting image of a black man....only to have it disrespectfully altered by black women all over the internet...niggas would be ready to revolt. Black women would be called all kinds of "divisive" "feminist" "coon" etc. 

My question is when the hell are black women going to STAND UP and STOP taking this nonsense? 

When the hell are we going to join together and start aiming aggressively at the heads of these misogynist assholes and their supporters? 

When are we going to start putting ourselves FIRST and stop protesting and matching for a group of men who are a walking/talking shit stains who hate themselves, black women, black children, and anything else associated with blackness?

When the fuck are we going to get angry enough about this kind of shit to promote some type of change?
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