Tuesday, December 2, 2014

White Gays & White Supremacy

This topic has been on my mind quite a bit...

If you watch television like me you probably noticed a disproportionate representation of gay white men. I don't care what channel or show, if there is a same sex couple on that show chances are it is a white gay couple and their interactions with each other are usually realistic, emotional, and sexually explicit (something I don't believe is shown in the few lesbian couples I see on television. In fact, lesbian couples appear asexual to me and it's hard to believe they are in a relationship with each other).

Obviously when producers think about gay representation and homosexual viewership they think of ONE group: Gay white men.

We rarely see lesbian couples of any race on television. The racial hierarchy of same sex representation on television looks like this (in order)...
  • White gay man + White gay man (Anglo-saxons)
  • White gay man (Anglo-saxon) + White Latino
  • White gay man + Non-white gay man (usually Asian...rarely/never black man)
  • White gay latino + Black gay man (rare match...includes black latinos)
  • White gay latino + Asian gay man (rare match)
  • Black gay man + black gay man (only seen on shows produced by blacks...includes black latinos)
  • Asian gay man + Black man (I've never seen it)
  • Asian gay man + Asian gay man (I've never seen it)

If producers decide to show lesbians at all (instead of gay white men) the racial hierarchy usually looks like this... 

  • White lesbian + White lesbian (Anglo-saxons)
  • White lesbian + White Latino
  • White lesbian + Non-white lesbian (usually Asian)
  • White latino lesbian + Asian lesbian
  • White lesbian + Black lesbian
  • White latino lesbian + Black lesbian (includes black latinos)
  • Asian lesbian + Black lesbian (includes black latinos....rare)
  • Black lesbian + Black lesbian (I've never seen it...includes black latinos)
  • Asian lesbian + Asian lesbian (I've never seen it)

We NEVER EVER see Asian gays with other Asian gays.

We NEVER EVER see Black lesbians with other Black lesbians (outside of some low-budget stereotypical web series...a whole different conversation...I'm talking about mainstream representation in this blog). 

These two groups, if represented at all, are almost always paired with someone white.  

Non-white lesbians and gays are never paired with members of their race (again unless said show is produced by members of that race). They are almost always paired with someone white.

Gay white men are almost always the goto same sex coupling represented in the media...even more so than white lesbian + white lesbian. In fact, they might as well rename LOGO white gay male television because that channel is almost entirely centered around gay white men.

I believe this is intentional. You would have be deaf and blind not to know the gay rights movement in this country is largely centered around gay WHITE MEN. If they weren't the face of this movement I don't honestly think the gay marriage debate would be where it is today. And this is due to the place white men (whether gay or straight) hold in western society (keep in mind several prominent white men are gay). 

Gay marriage is becoming the law of the land because gay WHITE MEN want to get married. It is not that way because gay white women want to get married. It is not that way because black gays and lesbians want to get married. It is that way because the wicked motherfuckers (white men) who have positioned themselves socially and economically above every other group using patriarchy and white supremacy want to get married (again...keep in mind white gay men are still white men).

If it was a situation where just black gays and lesbians wanted to get married the shit would have been vetoed a long time ago. 

I honestly don't even believe white lesbians have the power to get gay marriage laws passed without white men wanting those rights for themselves.

This is why it's all the more annoying and ridiculous to hear gay white men try to compare their plight to black people....get the fuck out of here! 

I said it before and I'll say it again, the ONLY people who can compare and contrast being black/racial injustice to being gay/fight for gay rights are BLACK GAYS and BLACK LESBIANS.

I will be honest. I can't watch gay men (regardless of race) on television. When they pop up on my favorite television shows I turn the channel. I would far rather watch two women (regardless of race) than two gay men. Blame social conditioning and patriarchy for my internalized homophobia.

Anyway, these are my thoughts for today.
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