Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Not My Problem...

One of my Facebook followers asked me for my two cents on the Mike Brown/Darren Wilson situation. I have already given my two cents on this situation. I don't feel like going into a long rant about it again. If you are interested in reading my two cents I suggest you visit my archives. 

I did read a comment recently that summarizes my position on ALL issues involving black men. Check it out...
Many black men have truly demonstrated the Zora Neale Hurston quote "All my skinfolk ain't my kinfolk." Misogynoir is the specific racialized sexism that is ONLY targeted at black women, specifically. Anti-black racism + misogyny = misogynoir. ANYONE in society is capable of engaging in misogynoir against black women. Black men OFTEN demonize, emotionally/physically/mentally abuse, malign, and socially exclude black women and they OFTEN do this in COLLUSION with: A) white women in PARTICULAR B) white men C) mainstream white culture/ white people of all sexes D) other non-black people of color.
Many black men refuse to engage in critical thinking and believe that it's NATURAL to engage in colorism and hold black women to Eurocentric phenotypical beauty standards. This is why so many black women are now in a place where we are fed the fuck up and won't automatically assume you're down for us, the same way we have been down for you. A lot of black women, including myself, ARE now apathetic about the lives and issues of black men in general and we JUST want to concentrate on black women's issues specifically. Let your white/Asian/Hispanic friends and girlfriends organize, participate in your protests, and write sympathetic and humanizing stories about your deaths. Let your mama--the ONLY black woman many of you seem to at least TOLERATE the existence of-- protest for you. Because I WON'T. Not ONLY will I NOT be fretting over the lives and safety of black men, I won't be doing ANY of marching /protesting/organizing shit for them until black men get the fuck off our backs and stop blaming black women for shit that is CLEARLY the result of white supremacy and racism.
Basically, the gist is this: I ALREADY have a father and I am TIRED of these black male RANDOMS coming out of nowhere to lecture grown black women about shxt. This goes double for their worthless opinions were CLEARLY not asked for or solicited. Even worse, their opinions are usually ignorant as hell, because they're so fucking uneducated. So I'm gonna need for random azz, paternalistic black men of ALL ages to back hell up and STOP TELLING black women what to fucking do. They need to stop worrying about whether we are wearing a weave, red lipstick, or belly shirts or whatever the fuck it is that they will have a problem with tomorrow and worry about keeping themselves out of fucking JAIL. Period. They need to worry about getting JOBS and staying in THEIR LANE, so THEY can actually VOTE with every other demographic in this country. Black men need to mind their own RATCHET business because they CLEARLY have a lot to take care of.
This is NOT just a individual character issue, there is a problem WITHIN the black community, where many black men EXPECT unequivocal support and complete loyalty from black women without a similar commitment on the part of black men to black women...and not only THAT, they expect to be able to dominate us and speak TO US and ABOUT US in ABUSIVE, HATEFUL, and MISOGYNISTIC ways and not have us clap back and respond in kind to their asses. NOPE. I was NOT put on this planet to be the footstool of any RANDOM black male online OR offline. I'm NOT their wife, girlfriend, OR their mother and I TRULY don't give a fuck. I don't HAVE TO. If they truly don't give a fuck whether I live or die, why in the hell would I be marching or protesting or really caring about THEIR lives?
A-Fucking-Men! I ride with this woman!

Bottom line... 

Until I see a radical shift in culture, mindset, values, morals and beliefs amongst black men I don't give a fuck what happens to them.

Until I see the rampant sexism, internalized racism, anti-black woman ideology addressed in the black community I don't give a fuck what happens to black men.

Their problems are just that....their problems. 

They better get smart and educated because the white man is aiming aggressively at their heads and getting away with it....again, not my problem.
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