Tuesday, October 7, 2014

I Want To Have Sex

I'm horny as hell. I seriously want to have sex. I've been masturbating the last few days, but there is only so much my hand can do! I actually think I'm developing arthritis or something from masturbating so often. Damn fingers don't move the way they used to when I was younger.

I want someone to feast on the box gawdammit!

Sapphire and I haven't had sex. We are probably a long way from having sex. We agreed to exclusively date each other. I'm fine with this arrangement. HOWEVER, I wonder if it would be considered "cheating" if I called up Chocolate or Caramel and convinced one of them to eat the box? 

Seriously, if I'm exclusively DATING (not in a relationship) Sapphire would I be wrong to allow some other chick to suck me off??

I just want to cum...three or four times!

Edit: When I said I want to have sex I did not mean with any of you....just to clarify and stop the thirst taking over my email inbox....smh.

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