Monday, October 6, 2014

So Raven Finally Came Out The Closet...I Think...


In case you missed it, Raven finally confirmed that the chick from America's Next Top Model is eating the box (sigh...Raven can do better). I'm about 90% certain Raven is BIsexual...not a lesbian and that's based on the things she said in this video.

"I'm not into labels..." translation, "I'm confused as hell" or "I'm bisexual."

The thing I find funny is people (well black people) aren't talking about her relationship with a woman. Instead, they are talking about her saying, "I'm not African American." According to African Americans that's a sin. 

I could care less if she says African American or not. African American is a modern term. She didn't say she wasn't black. She said she doesn't identify herself as an African American.

Side note: All that money...and no stylist...SMH. Baby girl has no business walking around with some green and purple hair...what the fuck?!
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