Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Trash That Married Into My Family

After today I might make an honest effort to repent. I might make an honest effort to be more tactful and not so blunt...

Today, I ventured home to my hometown. I didn't have a particular reason for going home. I just felt like getting out of my apartment. My daddy and his girlfriend are on a cruise. So, I had his house completely to myself. I dropped by my mama's house and encountered my older brother, his new wife, and their two children. 

I haven't seen or spoken to my oldest brother in three years. I know it's been three years because my nephew, his youngest child, was a newborn when I last saw him. He will be three in November. I know that sounds bad, but we've never had a real sister/brother relationship. It's always been more like I'll see you when I see you.

He got married a few months ago to his white babymama. I wasn't around when he got married either. 

Anyway, on this particular day I showed up at my mama's house and gave my brother and his family a courtesy, "Hello." My brother returned the favor. His daughter ran over and gave me a hug. Her brother, who I'm sure doesn't know me from the man in the moon, mimicked her and jumped on my legs. My brother's wife didn't say shit to me. 

I can't tell you how much this chick annoys me. She has always annoyed me. Not simply because she is white, but she was clearly raised differently from most southern folks. My grandmother always told me when you walk into a room or encounter someone you show the proper respect....meaning a courtsey, "Hello, how you are today?" 

This woman doesn't say any of the above. She will walk into YOUR house and not say shit to you even if you say hello to her. Disgusted, I decided to ignore her. I bent down and playfully tickled my niece and nephew before moving on. 

As the day went on I found myself engaged in a conversation with my brother. Somehow or the other he started talking about how my mama and little brother won't help him financially. He said I don't do shit for him either. My mama and little brother told me stories about my brother and how he keeps the kids away from them whenever they refuse to help him financially. Well, he must have forgot who the hell I am because he got me twisted.  

I looked at him like...

Me (to him): What the hell is wrong with you? Your dumbass should have went out here and got yourself a white girl with some money instead of the mute poor white trash you married. You should have left her worthless ass in the trailer park where you found her. These two little beige motherfuckers are YOUR kids...not mine....not mama's and not (insert little brother's name). The only thing you and that heifer know how to do is make babies! Then you have the nerve to turn around and expect someone else to support them! If you can't goddamn feed them...don't breed them!

My brother (angry): Don't talk about my family like that!

Me: Somebody needs to talk about them and you! If your ass is looking for a handout you and her need to take your asses down to the welfare office. You need to be a man and take care of your family. You live in a house you don't have to pay for and you sorry bastards can't even pay the property taxes on the house (the house was purchased by my maternal grandmother because he couldn't afford to put a roof over his family's head). Damn you and damn your family. If you want to keep your family away from me because I won't send you any money...fuck you and fuck them! My life will carry on!

Needless to say my bluntness didn't go over too well. I got up and left.

Like I said, one of these days I might repent. Sometimes cold-blooded bluntness is a necessary evil. 
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