Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Sigh...We Need A Different Approach

This country is headed for social and economic civil war and black people are not ready for it!

For the last week or so I have been following the black community's reaction/response to the Mike Brown situation and I don't like what I see. Our reaction to this situation is proof that we are a lost race of people. It has been both frustrating and disappointing to watch. If you don't know the details of the situation you can read about it here.

This has been the black community's reaction to the situation...
  • Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, The NAACP, The New Black Panther Party etc have all descended on Ferguson, Missouri to "get answers." Keep in mind we don't hear jack shit from these folks when black people are killing each other in places like Detroit, Chicago, Omaha etc. I am convinced these people have their own agendas when they show up. It's not about the black community. It's about money, opportunity, inciting the masses to promote themselves, and getting their names in headlines.
  • Rioting and looting: While I believe a small minority of people are looting businesses it is NOT a good look for us collectively. Niggas are going to be niggas. When something like this happens it is almost guaranteed that opportunist will steal anything that is not nailed down.
  • Marching in the streets. This shit is not working. Black folks are out here marching while the Ferguson police department are lined up in front of them with guns blazing. Peaceful protest and marching had its time in the black community. That day is OVER. 
I have several problems with the situation in Ferguson and I'm going to keep it 100...

I'm not sure protesting the death of Mike Brown is sensible. I say that because Mike Brown was NOT the gentle giant his mother tried to make him out to be. This MAN (not boy) went into a store, took what he wanted, and manhandled the store clerk before walking out the door and getting killed....


Where I am from someone like Mike Brown would be called a straight up nigga...someone you avoid. Someone you don't want to live around or be around if you can help it. This is someone who realistically was probably well on his way to prison.

With that said, anyone with an ounce of sense would ask themselves why the hell are we marching for this individual? This is one of the undesirables in our community. He was no damn Rosa Parks! He was no Trayvon Martin. This man was a thug, who used his physique to muscle his way around a store!

People want to make the case, "Well, the robbery had nothing to do with the shooting by the police officer..." which may be true, however, this video does give some clue into the character and mindset of the so-called victim of the shooting.

I honestly believe we, the black community, should have waited for the facts. Right now it just looks like a whole lot of us jumped the gun in an effort to defend an "innocent" black "boy" who was NOT the angel his mother tried to portray. If it is determined that Mike Brown used force against this police officer we are going to look like fools! Our future cries of racism will surely be met with silent contempt and distrust (not that anyone gave a damn anyway).

I understand his mother may not want to admit that her son was less than the ideal black man, but let's be real. Most parents know their children. They know when their children have turned out to be weeds instead of roses. They know when their children aren't shit. She's not going to come out and admit that she failed as a parent and she raised a thug. She might even be in denial about it. Still, I have to believe that somewhere in the back of her mind she thinks or at least feels that the police officer (while guilty of using excessive force) might have had just cause to shoot or wound her son.

Don't get me wrong. If the police officer was in the wrong and he shot Mike Brown when he had his hands in the air I expect the law to take the appropriate steps to punish him. If it is proven that he did in fact shoot Mike Brown while his hands were in the air he deserves to have the book thrown at him. Police are supposed to serve and protect...not murder.

If the issue of police brutality has now transcended Mike Brown (and I believe it has...I think a lot of us have thrown Mike Brown under the bus after the video of the robbery was released, and are focusing on the bigger issue) and the outrage is about all the shit black people suffer under the hands of law enforcements (it seems to be an epidemic lately) I support protest efforts. I just think we need to take a different approach.

Whites have proven they don't give a damn about us marching in the streets. That cures nothing. I favor a more militant and aggressive approach to whites. I'm not talking about rioting and looting. We need to be smarter than that. Even with rioting and looting we shouldn't be burning down our own communities. We need to go to THEIR communities.

In order to be more aggressive with whites we first need to get in a position where they are not signing our paychecks. We need to first become independent of them economically. We need to create more black businesses. We need to patron/support our businesses. There needs to be more charter schools run by black people so that we can better educate our children about their history.

There needs to be an emphasis on unity, community, and family. The black family needs to be rebuilt. Black men and black women need to stop having children out of wedlock. Black men and black women need to get married and stay together!

We need to start valuing each other. We need to take pride in our race. Honestly, you cannot expect "others" to value black life when we don't value it ourselves. Black men kill each other every day. I don't see our so-called leaders doing anything about it. We need to stop the madness.

We need to throw the undesirables under the bus (and you know exactly who I'm talking about). 

The best way to fight white supremacy and white people is build up our community...socially, economically, and otherwise. Once we have a strong race (similar to the Jews and the Asians) we can aggressively start aiming for white people's heads. But first we have to get our house in order. There is no way around this reality.
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