Saturday, August 2, 2014

I'm Done Being Used!

Today I told Chocolate to kick rocks! Before you judge me hear me out...

Chocolate and I have been sleeping together for a while now. Even though I had my doubts about us I decided to be a better woman and I tried to do right by Chocolate. I decided to focus on her and not another woman (i.e., Hollywood).

A few weeks ago I asked Chocolate if she wanted to be in a relationship with me, which made all the sense in the world because we were fucking like rabbits anyway. She told me she didn't desire a relationship at the moment. I accepted her response and I kept it moving.

Today I began thinking about the reality that Chocolate is getting the benefits of a girlfriend without actually being my girlfriend. I mean she was REALLY getting the milk without buying the cow. Here is a list of examples...

Despite our friends with benefits arrangement, I never treated Chocolate like a booty call. Whenever we screwed I always created some type of romantic scenario with scented candles and music like this...

The morning after she always got a 5 star breakfast out of me. I'm talking about french toast, turkey sausage, eggs, pancakes etc.

If we happened to spend the day together she even got a 5 star soul food dinner out of me. I'm talking candy yams, oxtails, cornbread, collard greens, pecan pie etc. I would slave over a stove for hours just to impress Chocolate.

I even cooked my grandma's secret applesauce cake for this woman (something I don't share with anyone). 

When we went out she never had to come out of her pocket for anything. Restaurants, movies, etc I paid for it all.

That all came to an end today once it finally dawned on me that I'm being used. 

Some of you might be thinking, "Umm hmm that's karma for your ass...." but I never used Chocolate. I was serious about starting a life with her. However, I'm not going to continue treating a woman like a queen when she's nothing more than a clit licker. 

I played myself in this situation.

It won't happen again.
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