Tuesday, July 29, 2014

HUD sent me a letter...With a $2 Bill!!!

Today I received a letter from HUD as part of the study I agreed to join. Inside the letter there was a mint $2 bill. 

I haven't seen one of these in years! 

I thought they stopped printing them. 

Needless to say I won't spend it. 

I'm going to put it away and hopefully pass it down to my children and grandchildren.


A few weeks ago I approached a bank to get per-qualified for a mortgage. I went to the bank because I was encouraged to do so by a real estate agent. At the time I was interested in this house.

As a first time home buyer, I know I qualify for grants that can go towards a down payment or closing cost. The city of Atlanta will cover the down payment. The state also offers grants. I went to the bank just to see where I stand in terms of credit, etc. 

The bank asked me various questions about my income and education. When all was said and done I succeeded in per-qualifying for a mortgage. I was told I have excellent credit, which is something I already knew. 

I told the real estate agent to find me a craftsman bungalow on the beltline. These are craftsman bungalows...

I told her that I didn't care if it is a "fixer upper" because I'm partial to the idea of remodeling my own home. For some strange reason I fancy remodeling a rundown house into a beautiful work of art like the house in The Notebook

I requested a 4 bedroom 2 bath house. I also made it clear that the house needs to be on the beltline. This is non-negotiable because beltline real estate will be worth 2-3 times it's current worth in about 5-10 years, which means I can make a profit off the house.

So far my real estate agent has come up empty. Not because there aren't any homes available that meet my criteria (I know because I have conducted my own search). It's because she is a sorry ass real estate agent. The only reason I haven't told her to kick rocks is because she is a black woman. If anyone is going to make a commission off me I prefer it to be a black woman. 
Anyway, two weeks ago I received a call from the bank that per-qualified me for my mortgaged. They asked me if I would be interested in being a subject in a study for the federal government (HUD) about first time home buyers. 

I hesitated because the idea of having the feds in my business doesn't appeal to me. I don't trust the government. However, after thinking it over (and learning that the government will PAY ME to be apart of the study) I agreed to do it.

I can't wait to tell the folks conducting the study (they are independent of the government) all the exciting stories about white real estate agents who won't call me back despite the reality that I can afford a house. I can't wait to tell them about my theory that whites are purposely trying to keep black people from buying homes in areas that are becoming gentrified. I believe this all ties into whites trying to reclaim the city of Atlanta (i.e., the mayor's office, city council, etc). 

Perhaps some good will come from this study.

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