Saturday, July 26, 2014

Getting Right!

I'm on a quest to look and be my best. I wake up every morning at 8 AM and I go to the track where I jog 2-3 miles. I come home and lift weights for an hour and a half. I shower and I eat a turkey burger minus bread, lettuce, etc. I continue to lift weights throughout my day and periodically I hit the gym at my apartment complex where I go hard on the stairmaster.

Carbs are out. Bread is out. Dairy products are out. Sweets are out. Soda, juices, etc are out. 

It's just turkey burgers, baked chicken, green veggies (i.e., snap peas and broccoli) and fish for me these days. 

My hair is growing fast. I went and got it twisted up yesterday. I'm almost five months into this lock journey. 

I swear when everything is said and done I'm going to be the finest chick walking! Watch me do it!

These Niggas Ain't Loyal

Yesterday I learned about a heated debate taking place in the blackblogsphere. A few days ago a brilliant black woman wrote a blog titled, Why I Will Not March For Eric Garner. In this blog the writer basically said, "I'm sorry for his family, but I will not be marching my ass any damn place because of all the unaddressed shit black women deal with from BLACK MEN." 

Well, this stance didn't go over well with black militants, black misogynist (both male and female), and the downright unenlightened/ignorant black folks. Many of these dumbasses kept asking, "What does Eric Garner have to do with the beef between black men and black women?" These idiots seriously could not see the connection between the REACTION of the black community to this man's death and the author's stance on NOT participating in ANY marches that rally behind black men. 

That's fine....I will break it down.

The only thing that I see that the author did wrong is she backed down and apologized after continuously being accused of being "divisive." She shouldn't have apologized at all. She should have stood her ground. I will write my unfiltered opinion and NO FUCKS WILL BE GIVEN....

The chickens have finally come home to roost. I knew this day would come eventually. All it took was decades of misogynistic rap/hip-hop, a skyrocketing out of wedlock birthrate, chronic domestic violence rates, off the chart rape/sexual abuse rates, and the arrogance of a group of worthless black men for black women to start waking the hell up! 

Educated black women are finally standing up and saying NO MORE! I couldn't be prouder of black women than I am right now. 

For those of you who don't know or just haven't been paying attention, black men here in America have become nothing short of a BURDEN on black women. These "black men" are the bastard, abandoned, offspring of white American men. They descend from white men's nuts. They are some of the biggest supporters of white supremacy ideology. They have no shame in openly broadcasting their hatred of black women...particularly dark-skinned black women and black women's features. They exploit black women. They belittle black women. They use black women. They abuse black women. These "men" and their never ending list of issues are the trojan horse that has been used to cripple an entire race of people here in America.

White men don't have to kill black people anymore. These niggas are doing the job for them now.

They are the most selfish and disgusting group of people you will ever encountered and they have NO shame about it. In fact, they seem to delight in chaos they create. Many of them suffer from the peter pan syndrome. For the last 50-60 years they have been shitting on black women, black children, the black community and no one has said or did a damn thing about it. Instead, excuses for their behavior have been made from so-called black leaders. 

We've been told, "Poor black men are oppressed. They aren't responsible for their actions." We've been told "There is a conspiracy to destroy black boys." We've even been told, "It's not the deadbeat fathers who make their children bastards...instead it's black mothers who are at fault."

For years black women have sat by silently while black men have brought nothing but chaos to their lives. Well thankfully, that day appears to be over for MANY. Black women have finally woke the hell up!

I have always said that if black women ever stop supporting black men in every regard shit would change. A black man gets chocked out and black women say, "Fuck it....that ain't my problem...I'm not marching for a damn thing" is ten times more effective than any so-called town hall meeting with our so-called self-appointed black leaders. Black men aren't going to learn to appreciate black women until black women stop fucking around with black men. There is nothing more effective in this situation than complete and total INDIFFERENCE and ABANDONMENT. It will cut like a knife. 

Black women who take this stance need to be strong. Don't let these niggas guilt trip you with talk of "sticking together" or "the black family" because truth be told NONE OF THE ABOVE matters to them until black women aren't barking around their door anymore. At that point, it's time to bitch, cry and moan about black women not "supporting brothers." Shit, these same screaming, crying, and bitching black men are no where to be found when black women and children are dodging bullets in Chicago, Detroit etc. These niggas ain't loyal to black women and black women sure as hell don't owe them any loyalty.

The only time black men seem to give two shits about injustice in this world is if a white man has his foot on THEIR neck. Otherwise, they could care less. They don't give a damn about the injustice suffered by black women at their hands or that of law enforcement. They don't give a damn about the hell they bring down on the heads of black women and children in some of these crime ridden black communities. 

The reaction to the plight of black women who have suffered injustice is NEVER anything like that of the Eric Garners. If the white media doesn't pick up on it we don't ever hear a thing about it. Black men sure as hell aren't out taking to the streets for black women who get hemmed up by law enforcement. They aren't out taking to the streets for black women due to the things black women suffer at the hands of black men.

Then you have black men going around screaming "divisive" and "Willie Lynch" when black women actually have the nerve to stand up for themselves. These are SHAMING TACTICS used to shame black women into remaining silent about the BRUTALITY they face at the hands of BLACK MEN. The MAIN people black women should fear in this world are BLACK MEN. White men aren't out here killing, raping, and violating black women like black men. White men aren't out here robbing, sexually abusing, or using black women like black men. It's mighty funny that cries of being "divisive" never seem to come up when thugs, niggas, and good for nothing black men are tormenting black women, black children, and the black community.

Black women like the author of the blog in question are smart. They are using a "carrot and stick" approach to black men as it relates to THEIR plight with white men. They are saying, "Hey, you assholes want me to stand by you for YOUR cause you sure as hell better start treating me better, showing some respect, and doing better by black women or else FUCK YOU and your issues..." 

^^This seems like common sense to me. 

It's like an owner of an abused and neglected dog expecting that dog to protect his ass when a burglar breaks into the house. Where the hell they do that at???

What sense does it make to join hands with the devil who brings chaos to you and yours while he refuses to correct his own behavior? What sense does it make to rally behind a race of men who don't check themselves? What sense does it make to fight white men when you're problem lives right in your community?

I won't be marching either.
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