Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Restless Ambition

I am bored. My life is so unbelievably boring at the moment. As a matter of fact, I don't even think I have a life anymore. I don't work. I don't have a girlfriend. I'm not close to my family. I don't have many people I call "friend." My grandmother's dead. Truthfully, the only things I have in this world are my health and my money. That's about it.

I need something more. I want something more. For so long I've talked about starting a business, but something always gets in my way. Something always stops me. That something is a general lack of confidence and direction. 

I don't know what type of business to start. I know it needs to be something I love. I only love two things: Writing and books. 

Recently, I started thinking about creating a satire digital magazine that focuses on world affairs from a black perspective. Imagine being able to read my perspective (as you read it on this blog) in the form of commentary about world affairs, race, etc. In my head, it will be funny, bash, and my typical I don't give a shit if you don't like it commentary.

In my head, I imagine it will be a more entertaining version of The New Yorker & Mad Magazine...

The magazine I have in my head will be intentionally honest....and offensive. It will be satire for sure, but we all know satire typically holds a lot of truth. I'm fairly certain the magazine in my head will make white people uncomfortable to put it mildly. 

The idea of starting a digital magazine excites me because I won't have to worry about the cost of printing I can probably publish the magazine without worrying about attracting advertisers. Well, this puts me in an awesome position because I don't have to watch my tongue. 

Anyway, this idea is bouncing around in my head and I'm seriously thinking about doing it.
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