Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A Decent Normal Black Woman....Damn Do They Even Exist Anymore???

I am sexually frustrated. The crop of black lesbians here in Atlanta is disappointing as fuck! I'm not attracted to them. I don't want to date them. I can't even look at them and get wet! It's depressing as hell. 

We got five kinds of black lesbians here....
  1. The obese masculine chicks (Disgusting....they look like they are one hamburger away from a heart attack)
  2. The flat chested middle school looking Lil Wayne wannabes (Disgusting! I can't even tell the difference between these chicks and little middle school black boys I see getting off the school bus in front of my apartment complex)
  3. The ratchet hoodrat with tattoos every damn place (Disgusting! I would be embarrassed as hell to be seen in public with this chick.)
  4. The good-looking chick with a shit load of issues (Normally the type I want...minus the issues). 
  5. The good-looking chick with a shit load of KIDS....(You couldn't pay me to fuck with one of these women...they are usually confused as hell...and their FATHERLESS kids are usually bad as hell). 
I don't know what to do anymore. More often than not when I see a black lesbian these days instead thinking to myself, "Damn she's fine" I'm thinking, "Ugh!"  

I don't understand why there are so many studs and butch chicks here. I'm not attracted to that and I'm baffled that some women actually find it attractive. I like a feminine woman with some ass and curves. I can't even look at a stud and get aroused.

I can't find a normal decent clean cut black lesbian to save my life. I want a sexy good girl. I want the girl next door with a pretty face, a banging body, who has some type of business about herself. I want a beautiful bookworm.

I can't find that shit! 

I swear to God I'm about to go out and find a badass Asian or Mexican. I'm sick of looking and coming up empty. I'm pushing 30 and I'm tired of hitting a brick wall with black women.

I've given up the idea of having my ideal black family. I don't think it's in the cards for me. If anything I'm probably going to end up with a multiracial family complete with mixed kids. 

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