Saturday, July 12, 2014

LOL....I Got A Story To Tell

I just finished watching the film, The Sandlot. I got the film for $5.00 at Wal-Mart. I've seen this movie a million times. I used to watch it all the time on TV when I was a kid. It's one of my favorite childhood movies. 

Anyway, watching this movie today made me laugh hard as hell. That's because I haven't seen it in years. My favorite scene is when the little boy with glasses fakes drowning in order to kiss the lifeguard at a pool...

While watching this movie I started thinking that I should write a script about a little black girl who is coming to age. I thought about doing this before, but I never actually sat down and did it. 

I could write and produce a film loosely based on my life as a young girl growing up in a dysfunctional family in the rural south. I have some fond memories of being a little tomboy amongst a family of boys. 

I remember growing up in a black middle class community (before my parents separated) and living two blocks from my old elementary school that decades before was predominately white, but became predominately black. When it became predominately black it also became the premier school in the county because my school became the academic bowl champions. The so-called "white" elementary school across town that was supposed to be better than our school came up short year after year. 

At that time my family lived in an apartment complex. What I remember the most about this place was the reality that just about all the black kids living there, with a few exceptions, lived in two parent households. On weekends we would run around the apartment complex and play stick ball in an area we called "the rocks."

When I was 9 my parents bought me a 10 speed bike for Christmas. My brothers and I used to ride our bikes down a steep hill that was covered in leaves, sticks etc. We called this area, "the hill." We were brave for having the courage to ride down the hill. 

I remember having a huge crush on my 5th grade teacher. She was a beautiful dark-skinned black woman. I loved her all the way up until high school. 

I remember my mom used to walk me and my brothers home from school (she didn't learn to drive until I was 10 years old). We used to walk pass all the nice suburban homes in the community and wish for the day that we would have a house of our own. Many of my classmates lived in those houses. Despite the reality that we were doing okay financially (at this point in time) I was incredibly embarrassed that I lived in an apartment while they lived in houses (most of their parents worked at the local tobacco factory where they made 50k a year...remember this was the 1990s and a SMALL rural town...that type of money was GREAT!).

I remember having a crush on a childhood friend who lived two doors down from me in the apartment complex. I remember we used to hang out with each other and she used to come over and play Sega with me and my brothers. I also remember when my mom caught my dad watching porn with her mother. I think that was the first time my mother left my father.  I remember her dragging his ass on the car after she packed me and my brothers up to leave.

I was a strange and awkward child. I was bucktoothed and in desperate need of some braces (I didn't get some until I entered high school). I didn't have many friends. I repeated the second grade because I couldn't read and no one bothered to teach me until after the fact. The class that left me behind ridiculed me right up until they entered middle school (one day they did this in front of the chocolate teacher I loved and it made me cry). 

Up until age 10 I was a slim trim normal size little girl. That all changed when I had a migraine headache and was forced to take steroids to get my right eye back open (the migraine ruptured a nerve and my eye closed). I blew up into a chubby baby elephant, which is where I stayed until the 9th grade. At that point, I learned to diet and exercise. As a result, the awkward child became a beautiful young woman with the confidence of a woman twice her age. 

I want to put all this in a film. I think it would make an interesting story. 

Let me know what you think...
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