Sunday, July 6, 2014

My Life & Sweat Chapter Four

I don't really have anything going on in my life at the moment (hence why I haven't been blogging). I wake everyday. I try to jog 3 miles a day. I lift a few weights. I watch soap operas and jeopardy (I don't have cable). I sit down at my computer, typewriter, word processor...whatever I feel like writing on that day....and I write. That's about it. 

It's sad...I know.

I must be getting old as fuck because I don't feel like I have much energy these days.

I still think about my grandma a lot and when I do I cry. I feel so sad some days. There is a void in my life and a hole in my heart. Sometimes I just feel so damn hurt. 

When I'm not feeling down I'm usually churning away at chapter four of Sweat, which will likely come before chapter one of Climaxxx. It wasn't planned that way. It just happened. I am incapable of writing multiple stories at once. Chapter four of Sweat was already in my head.

Chapter four of Sweat will introduce my final two characters, Jalisa and Alize. 

Next, to Odessa, I think Jalisa is probably my favorite character and that's largely because she's the woman I wish I could fuck!

Jalisa is a real bad chick! She is sexy, smart, and real as hell...but in an endearing way. In my head, Jalisa has a phat ass booty that's all natural. Her ass attracts attention wherever she goes. 

I like Jalisa's ass so much that I'm thinking about creating a serial just for her called, The Booty Chronicles

Y'all let me know what you think about that idea!!!

I'm also thinking about creating another cover for Sweat. In my head it will feature Mollica, Odessa, Fredericka, and Olivia on the cover and it will be reminiscent of the Vibe Magazine cover featuring Death Row Records...

Let me know what you think. If you have any suggestions comment below or send me an email.
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