Friday, June 13, 2014

My Life At The Moment...

Here is a summary of my life at the moment...

I got my hair retwisted today. I made it to 3 months in my lock journey. Cheers...

I am completing the final edits on Sweat chapter three. It should be out sometime next week. Cheers again!

The cover art for Climaxxx will be done next week. Cheers again!

I'm working on chapter one of Climaxxx. I'm also working on my first full length lesbian novel. It will be a love story titled Rhythm & Blues. Cheers again!

Father's day is Sunday and my dad's birthday is Monday. He's coming to Atlanta to spend the day with me on his birthday. This is only the second time he's visited me since I've been living on my own in Atlanta. 

Cheers to everything!
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