Sunday, June 8, 2014

Why Gawdammit Why???

Do you see the house pictured above? That is my dream house. That is the house I've talked about owning since I started this blog. It is a 1920s craftsman's bungalow. These homes are typically located near parks in the city. This bungalow is located in the historically black community known as Adair Park, which is located near downtown Atlanta. The community is not too far from Spelman, Morehouse, Morris Brown etc. The house is currently pending sale (which means someone beat me to it) for $104,900. If you want to see some more pictures of the house click HERE.

This is why I'm upset...

For decades Adair Park, Capitol View, Capitol View Manor, the entire area surrounding Auburn Ave (where MLK's childhood home is located) was considered the rock bottom ghetto. Years ago you could buy a home on MLK's block for $5,000-$10,000. Don't believe me? See for yourself...

Take a look at THIS HOUSE. Stroll down and look at the price history.  In 1994 it was sold for $8,000. In 1998 it was sold for $23,000. In  2007 it was sold for $540,000. In 2012 it was sold for $390,000. 

No doubt this house^^ did not look like the one pictured in 1994. However, it had the potential to look like that way back when and someone (probably black) gave up on it. The house was sold to the next person. This continued to happen until WHITES discovered the wonderful historic Victorian style homes located on Auburn Ave. This coupled, with the reality that MLK's childhood home would forever be on the block, prompted them to start buying homes, fix them up, and move into the community. We call this gentrification.

On the surface I can see the benefits of gentrification. Communities that once looked like shit suddenly become livable when whites bring their resources into the community. Crime goes down. Schools get better. Cops start patrolling the area. However, these benefits should NOT come courtesy of the neighborhood turning white. They should be there from the get go. This just shows how much inequality we have in this country.

Whites have the money and the resources to turn shitty neighborhoods into prime real estate. While black people only have the ability to promote the history of our neighborhoods. We often face discrimination when it comes to getting quality mortgages and loans for home repairs. We don't often have the money to flip homes from good to bad and therefore bring the neighborhood, its businesses, and schools up in value. Not to mention the lack of education in the black community about property values, land values, mortgages and the real estate market.

Gentrification in itself doesn't upset me. What upsets me is knowing that whites move hell and high water to keep us black folks out of "their" communities, but these motherfuckers STAY moving their asses into historically black communities. White people in this country have done everything to keep black people out of their communities, jobs, politics, schools, etc. They have used redlining. They have used gerrymandering. They have built high rise cheaply constructed housing projects in bad rotting ghettos. They have used racial covenants. They have used housing associations.They have used any and everything to keep their neighborhoods white.

When all else fails they sell their homes for bargain prices (which brings down the value of other homes in the community) and move the hell away when we move into their communities. Yet when it comes to our communities these assholes move in, drive up the cost of living, and eventually force us out.

This shit makes me angry!!!

The home above would have been perfect for me. It would have been nice. But I'm willing to bet the people who bought this house look something like this....

or this...

and NOT this....

Despite the reality that the majority of the community looks like the last picture. 

This is what I don't understand...

When you visit Adair Park's website (HERE) you will read the following:
Adair Park is a neighborhood of diversity. All it takes is a drive down the street or attending a neighborhood meeting and you will see people from all walks of life living and interacting as neighbors. That is what makes Adair Park great – the bond between the neighbors. Whether it is watching out for someone’s house while they are out of town or making a meal when someone is sick, Adair Park has a great sense of community.
Why in the world are black people so proud of diversity? Don't these idiots know that diversity of historically black neighborhoods typically ends with those neighborhoods becoming white? Why the hell are black people so welcoming of people who don't show us the same courtesy when we move into their communities? Don't these idiots know that eventually they will be priced out of the community they pride themselves on being diverse? 

Diversity does NOT help black people. That's the bullshit lie sold to us by old dead civil rights leaders and white liberals. The only thing black people get with diversity is broken communities, destruction of black businesses and institutions, and massive economic inequality because our business community is GONE. 

Today that bungalow is selling for $104,000. In another 5-10 years it will be selling for $500,000. How did I come to that conclusion? It is located in downtown Atlanta. It is located on the Beltline. It is a historic home built in the 1920s...with all the perks of a bungalow. Adair Park, the actual public park, is around the corner. The Georgia Dome is in walking distance (and the new stadium will be in walking distance). The Georgia World Congress Center is in walking distance. Downtown Atlanta is in walking distance. Why the hell can't we, as a race, see this shit???

Black folks, have some pride in your neighborhoods. Take care of them. Remember this: One man's junk is another man's treasure...

Black Entrepreneurship & Me

I want to own a business and I think more black people should feel like me...

I don't know what type of business I want to own, but I do know it should be something I love. Therefore it will either be some type of publishing company or something involving books.

For a while, I thought about starting a newspaper, but then I brushed the idea aside because newspapers are going the way of the dinosaur. Any type of newspaper I start will be politically incorrect, honest and in your face. It will be a black newspaper never before seen by the world (kinda like this blog). Unfortunately, I believe it will also be ignored by whites and blacks alike. 

For a while, I thought about starting a book club of some kind, but then I brushed the idea aside because I'm not quite sure how I would make money from a book club. 

So, I'm kinda stuck trying to decide what type of business to create. The only thing that I'm certain of is that my business HAS to offer some type of product....not a service...but a product. This product has to be something that is not offered any place else. With this in mind, the newspaper idea sounds ideal, but again, I don't think anyone would read my newspaper.

Young Gifted & Black...With No Opportunities In Sight

***Note: I was in the middle of writing this blog prior to getting the phone call from my dad to let me know that my grandma died. The blog was never published or finished. It was saved as a draft on my blogger account. I decided to go ahead and publish it because it shows exactly where my mind was prior to getting that call...

There are several college graduates in my family. Yet you wouldn't know it if you observed what these black college graduates do for a living. I have a cousin who has a masters degree. Yet she still lives at home with her parents and works a low paying job as a preschool teacher. I have another cousin with a bachelor degree who lives at home with his mom. He pushes beds around at the local hospital. On the flip side of this, his younger brother dropped out of college, drives the brown truck for UPS and makes $63,000 a year. 

This thing we call LIFE is not fair. 

I get angry every time I think about the piss poor world my generation of African Americans inherited. We often struggle to get half of what white people have with twice the education. It's harder for us to accumulate half the wealth they have even though we often find ourselves working twice as hard to get our foots in the door and prove ourselves worthy of the opportunity. It's harder for us to get loans for decent homes. It's harder for us to put ourselves through school. It's harder for us live and exist period....and it makes me angry as motherfucking hell. 

I'm sick of watching hard working black people not get anywhere in life. It's wasn't too long ago that I was one of those people. My grandmother was one of those people. My aunts are some of those people. Since about my entire family fits in that category. These are people who actually DID what they were supposed to do (i.e., sought education, married, no children out of wedlock) but still find themselves at the bottom of totem pole. 

I want to do something to help...

I've thought about robbing a bank. Yes, I'm serious. I've actually thought about pulling a Set It Off, but in a different way. I used to work for a major bank. I know everything there is to know about walking off with the bank's money and NEVER getting caught. I know how to commit fraud without getting caught. I know how to take over people's account. I know how to steal their debit card numbers. I know how steal their money from their accounts. I know how to do this...and I never have to set one foot inside of a bank to do it. 

Now if only I had the courage to do it...

In my mind I would be fucking over a system that continues to fuck us, black people, over. If any group of people has just cause to rob and steal from corporate America it is black people. This particular bank in my mind was a participant in slavery and Jim Crow. I don't give a solid fuck about robbing the hell out of the bank. As far as I'm concerned it's been a long time coming. 

Maybe I should sell my knowledge of this bank to a terrorist organization or something. I'll sell this shit to Bin Laden's homeboys and use the funds to take care of my family. That would be poetic justice for their asses...
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