Thursday, June 5, 2014

Coming Soon: Climaxxx

Today I spent the day brainstorming ideas for Climaxxx and I think I have the basic premise of the serial...

 Climaxxx will center around a group of black lesbians in a sorority called Kappa Lambda Rho.

Kappa Lambda Rho was established in Atlanta, Georgia on the campus of a fictional HBCU, Georgia A & T University by Cartier Simmons with the goal of promoting sisterhood amongst black lesbians. It grew into a widely respected sorority. Black lesbians from all walks of life make up the sorority. There are engineers, doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, etc in the sorority.

On the surface, the sisters of Kappa Lambda Rho look as though they have their shit together, but of course looks can be deceiving. 

There is a whole lot of shit going on with these chicks...and you, the readers, get to hear it right from them. As I stated a few posts ago, Climaxxx will be told in the first person.

Facts about Kappa Lambda Rho...
  • Established in 2006 on the campus of Georgia A & T University by Cartier Simmons. 
  • Sorority is solely for black lesbians...though "others" can join. 
  • Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia...but has grown to incorporate several chapters around the country. 
  • Established to promote sisterhood amongst black lesbians. 
  • Most prominent organization for black lesbians in the world. 
  • Sorors are some of the most successful black women in the country. 
  • Motto: Forever my sister's keeper
  • Symbol; Not Yet Determined by Lezintellect
  • Flower: Amaryllis flower
  • Colors: Lavender & Turquoise
So far I'm pleased with my progress on this project. I'm also very pleased with the images I have in my head for the sorority. I picked the sorority's colors (Lavender & Turquoise) because I like the way the two colors contrast with each other...

Anyway, let me know what you think of my ideas for Climaxxx. Hit the comment section or email me at

P.S. Chapter Three of Sweat is DONE. I'm rewriting and editing as I type this blog.
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