Monday, June 2, 2014

Why I Don't Watch The WNBA

I just got off the phone with Chocolate. We talked about a lot of stuff. Somehow or the other the conversation turned to sports. I told Chocolate I was looking forward to the NBA finals. I'm a Lebron James fan. So, I'm cheering for Miami. She asked me if I watch the WNBA?

Me: No

Chocolate: Why not?

Me: I'm just not into it. 

Chocolate: Umm...but you don't mind watching the men in the NBA.

Me: Yeah and it feels like I'm watching a different sport when I watch the WNBA.

There are a few reasons why I don't watch the WNBA...

When the WNBA first debuted in the 1990s I DID watch it. I was just a kid at that point, but I remember when it first debuted because my parents were still together at that point. I remember Cynthia Cooper and Lisa Leslie. 

I stopped watching because it wasn't broadcasted like the men's games. It also didn't keep me entertained like the NBA.

The few times I have watched the WNBA, and the one time I actually went to a game, the gawdamn ball was being thrown everywhere except for the hoop. I felt like I was watch volleyball with the ball bouncing in the air between different women.

I know this is going to sound sexist as hell, but basketball is probably the only sport that I can honestly say men are better than women. They play better. They shoot better. They pass better. Maybe this is due to men having a headstart in the sport. I don't know, but watching them is far more enjoyable than watching the WNBA.

Then there is the issue of identifiable superstars in the WNBA. There really aren't any role models in the WNBA. I don't hear little black girls growing up and saying some shit like, "I want to be like Cheryl Miller when I grow up." You definitely don't hear that about the women in the WNBA who look like men, which brings me to my next point...

The women in the WNBA are hard to look at...and don't get mad at me for saying it.

Most of the women I've seen who play for the WNBA look like men. Most of them are tall, muscular, and have strong jawlines. I don't want to see this shit when watching sports. The women in the WNBA are overwhelmingly black and overwhelmingly butch as hell.

It's bad enough the damn ball barely makes into the hoop for most of the game, but to watch some masculine women play a sport is just unappealing. I think this is why the WNBA is trying to appeal to the LGBT community. A lot of straight folks aren't interested in seeing this in a sport. I'm gay and I'm not interested in seeing it either.

I personally want to see some pretty, attractive, feminine women playing basketball. I want to see some ass and titties jiggling in the air as they are playing ball. I want to see some chicks bumping up against each other's ass and fouling.

I want to see some form fitting basketball uniforms. The basketball uniforms need to resemble something from Hooters...

This would make up for the ball not going into the hoop! At least you can sit there and drool over some ass and tits. 

Before people start jumping on my case just think about it for a second. A lot of straight black women watch the NBA just to see attractive athletic men running around a court. I'm not any different from them. I watch the NBA to be entertained and because I like basketball. When I watch the WNBA I want to see some attractive athletic women running round a court. This is what I want to see...

I guarantee if all the women in the WNBA looked something like this^^^their games would be sold out. 

People can say, "Well, you're not supposed to be watching the game based on should be watching based on their talent" but the bottom line is this: People don't want to see a whole bunch of manly looking women throwing the ball over, under, beside and around the hoop.

I don't have anything against Brittney Griner or the rest of the butch women in the WNBA. I'm sure these women have worked very hard to get where they are in life. It's not my goal to take anything from them. I'm just stating why I don't personally find the WNBA watchable or entertaining. 

If the WNBA wants to survive and bring in more money they need to do a better job of marketing the league. Put the pretty women like Skylar Diggins (the woman pictured above) in the spotlight and watch as the money rolls into the game.
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