Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Sweat: Chapter Three

Chapter three of Sweat is coming along. It's been a slow process because of the personal issues happening in my life. However, I'm happy to say the chapter is coming along. 

I stayed up most of the night typing the first draft on my word processor. I will rewrite it 3-4 times before I'm completely happy with it. If all goes according to plan, chapter three should hit the market in 2 weeks. 

If you haven't read about the new characters I'm introducing in chapter three go to This Post.

Once I'm done with chapter three I plan to start working on Climaxxx. The cover art for Climaxxx is already in the works. It will be so incredibly stunning that straight women will stop to read it. 

Like, Sweat, the first chapter of Climaxxx will be FREE. You'll be able to download a free copy right here on my blog (sorry...Amazon only allows me to offer my stuff free for a few days).

It's hard for me to write multiple stories at the same time. Therefore, I'll have to alternate between writing Sweat, Climaxxx, and whatever else I'm working on at that moment.

Stay tuned...
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