Sunday, May 25, 2014

Coming Soon: Climaxxx

My brain might be temporarily unstable, but it sure as hell hasn't stopped working! Some of my best work has been created during depressions. This time doesn't appear to be any different... 

Last night, as I lay in bed unable to sleep (as usually) I started thinking about creating a black lesbian web series, which is something I've talked about doing before. Today as I mused over the idea I decided to start another serial...that may grow into a web series...depending on the reaction of my audience. 

This new serial will be titled Climaxxx....intentionally spelled with the triple XXX. 

Climaxxx will be different from Sweat in the following ways: 
  1. It will be told completely in the first person narrative from the characters' perspectives. 
  2. It will be tastefully raunchy (hence the name).
So far I only have one character in my head. I don't know much about her yet except that her favorite color is red, which she wears a lot. In my head she is a cross between Vanity....

  And Beverly Johnson...

Her name will be Cartier. 

I've already decided this character will be on the cover art in a long red open trench coat with the collar up. 

Unlike Sweat's cover art, this cover will be very glamorous and blinged out. I'm going to get the guy who did the cover art for my first book to do the job....

He does really good work. The only downside to hiring him is he is expensive as HELL.

Anyway, what do you think? Email me your thoughts or comment below.
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