Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Diary of a Black Lesbian Radio Topics....

Below is a list of topics by you and me for Diary of a Black Lesbian Radio....
  1. Exes we hate
  2. These damn bisexuals
  3. Battling depression
  4. Discrimination against black lesbians in the workplace
  5. Hypocrisy in the black church
  6. Homophobia in the black community
  7. Domestic violence amongst black lesbians
  8. Are you where you thought you would be at this point in your life?
  9. Black lesbians with kids from previous relationships with men
  10. Racism in society
  11. Economic inequality and how it impacts black lesbians
  12. Unrequited love
  13. Religion & homosexuality
  14. Dealing with death
  15. Living in denial about sexual orientation
  16. She want that old thing back...exes who won't move on
  17. Interracial relationships amongst black lesbians
  18. Dreams: Things we wish we could do
  19. Friends who become enemies
  20. Violence and crimes against black lesbians
  21. Friends with benefits
  22. Representation of black lesbians in the media
  23. Sexuality is fluid...yeah bullshit!
  24. Long distance relationships
  25. Confusion about sexual orientation due to sexual abuse
  26. Lack of black lesbian entrepreneurs and businesses
  27. Your childhood: Growing up black and lesbian
  28. you have enough or could you use more?
  29. Sexism and the impact it has on black lesbians. 
Let me know what you think of the list. 
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