Thursday, May 15, 2014

Sweat Chapter Three

I am working on chapter three of Sweat. Like my previous chapters, this chapter will run long. It will be very detailed and I'm introducing four new characters...

Tionne Patterson: Olivia's best-friend and owner of the popular lesbian night club and lounge, The Rainbow Room.Tionne is a stud with a troubling past.

Dr. Suzette Lawrence: Tionne's girlfriend of three years. The two of them share an upscale Buckhead (upper crust community in Atlanta) townhouse. Suzette is the good girl I wish I could find and wife up. She's also a medical doctor.

Jalisa Ross: Odessa's best-friend. Jalisa is a successful celebrity hairstylist and makeup artist. She is the owner of the upscale hair salon, Beauty By Nature. Jalisa is the sexy ass hood chick with the pretty face, slim waste and phat booty that I wish I could fuck. When I think about her, I picture a Lauren London looking chick who can dress her ass off and suck a clit like she was born to do it. Jalisa is the mother of a four year old son (Kyle) who she had with her ex-partner, Alize Stewart. 

Alize Stewart: Jalisa's ex who wants to be her next. Alize is a private investigator with her own P.I. business. She's also a habitual cheater, who wants what she wants after it's already gone.

I hope chapter three is as successful as the previous chapters....I'm excited.
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