Tuesday, May 13, 2014

I Can Do It Better

Today I watched the movie Straight Out of Brooklyn for the first time on television. The film was whack but I heard about it years ago when reading Spike Lee's biography (apparently he was beefing with the film's creator at some point). The film was written and produced in the early 1990s by a black teenager who raised $450,000 to produce it. The film is a typical hood flick about a poverty stricken misguided black boy and his family (think Boyz In The Hood meets Good Times).

I sat down and watched the film while thinking to myself, "This shit sucks...I can write and produce a better film than this crap."

Next thought...

What's stopping you?

If a teenage kid can raise $450,000 I should be able to raise what I need to make a film.

After my grandmother died I sat at my laptop staring a script I started writing in 2009. The story is about a black single mother who ends up switching bodies with her white privileged bachelor boss. The script is a comedy but it explores racism, sexism and classism. I never finished the script. I'm thinking about picking up where I left off.
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