Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Why Do Women Do This Kind Of Shit...

A few weeks ago I decided to let Chocolate go. I stopped pursing her. I stopped texting and calling. I moved the hell on with my life after she blew me off. I began focusing my attention on other things like Sweat. Well, apparently this doesn't sit well with Chocolate. She's mad at me for not texting, calling and pursing her anymore. 

I don't know what to do with this woman. 

When I was barking around her leg like a lovesick puppy she wouldn't give me the time of day. In fact, she told me she was seeing someone. Now that I'm not checking for her anymore she wants to throw a damn tantrum. I think she believes I'm dating someone else. I'm perfectly happy to let her go on believing someone else is in the picture. Maybe then she'll stop playing the fucking games. 

I don't have the patience anymore. I will be 29 years old in a few months. I'm ready for love, marriage and kids. I don't have time to sit around playing with this woman. I'm about ready to tell her this...

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