Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Shoemaker & Rwanda

I've been thinking about what type of business I want to start. I have decided to make shoes...specifically tennis shoes.

Why shoes? 

We need shoes. We will always need shoes. Black people...American blacks...spend more money on tennis shoes than any other group. Yet, we do not own the tennis shoe companies we have helped make rich. My goal is to change all that. I am going to create a line of tennis shoes specifically targeting BLACK people.

I like shoes. I think I can create some impressive tennis shoes. I have good taste. I needed a business that I'm passionate shoes is one of those things. I also wanted a business that produces a PRODUCT...not a service.

I plan to start my business right here in Atlanta, Georgia. I plan to design and build my business right here in Atlanta, Georgia. However, I am hoping to manufacturer my shoes in Rwanda. I know it sounds like a pipe dream right now but I think it's logical and realistic.

Americans (both black and white) have been outsourcing manufacturing jobs since WWII. Most of those jobs are located in ASIAN countries. Many will argue that these people are be exploited because they make somewhere in the range of $2.00 an hour. Call it corporate greed, but that's the way things are right now. 

Instead of manufacturing my shoes in China or Italy I plan to do it in Rwanda. I figure if I'm going to outsource at least do it with people who look something like me. The thought of helping to grow a country's economy is inspiring. I have no desire to help the Chinese grow richer while there is a continent of people who look like me who would love the opportunity to make a decent wage. I have no intention of exploiting the people of Rwanda. I plan to pay them a good liveable wage. I plan to employee a SMALL group of people to start. If the business takes off I will add to my staff.

Why Rwanda?

I am impressed with Rwanda and the people of that country. I have read everything I can about various countries in Africa. However, none have touch me as much as Rwanda. I have learned everything I can about the history of the country and the turnaround currently happening with the people, the economy and the leaders of the country. I also like the landscape, real estate, and scenery in the country. I can see myself owning a home there and living there periodically throughout the year. It might even become my base of operation and my home. The only thing that might stop me from doing business and living in Rwanda is the threat of another civil war. 

I don't know if anyone from Rwanda reads my blog, but I would like to know what will happen if the Hutus decide to overthrow the country? I assume the threat still looms considering the Hutus are now the refugees that the Tutsis once were. This scares the shit out of me. I don't want to be caught in the middle of a war between black people, who have been bamboozled into seeing each other as the enemy instead of the WHITES (i.e., the Germans and the Belgians) who colonized them and turned them against each other. 

These people got it twisted. They are fighting the wrong people. Instead of killing 800,000 Tutsis and Hutus they should have been over in Germany and Belgium killing those motherfuckers! 

Stop the ethnic wars and recognize your REAL enemy. These white folks don't see you as Tutsis and Hutus. They look at you and see BLACK people period. 

Anyway, now that I've decide on the type of business I want to start I am working to educate myself on the craft of shoemaking and design. Next, I will look into a business plan and raising money. Wish me luck on my new venture.

On and if you're interested in learning more about Rwanda I suggest this EXCELLENT book...

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