Saturday, February 1, 2014

Black, Lesbian, Childless, Single & Lonely As Hell

I'm lonely as hell right now. I've decided to give up on Chocolate. She told me she has plans for Valentine's Day. I'm done pursuing her.. 

Loneliness has crept up on me today. 

At this point in my life (28 going on 29) I thought I would be settled with a wife and some kids. It is very disappointing that this has not happened for me. At this point I question whether or not it will happen for me. 

After re-reading your survey results it appears many of you are in the exact same boat as, lesbian, single, childless and lonely as hell. SMH

I started thinking about starting a list serv or a support group for people like us. Why can't we support each other? Some of us might even find love. So, I have an idea...

I want to start an email list for black, single, childless lesbians. I can start it by sending a group email to those of you interested and you can keep it going by clicking "reply to all" (or whatever it reads on your email client) to send out replies to everyone. We can keep the conversation going together.

No offense to anyone with children. Most of us, judging from the surveys, are NOT interested in women with children. So, I respectfully ask that you opt out of this opportunity. It's not personal. 

Also, older single black lesbians, you might find yourselves out of place amongst us 20/30 something year olds, who are interested in marrying and starting families. This might not be your cup of tea either. 

If you're interested in joining the listserv...and you're black, lesbian, childless, single (and shit...lonely as hell) send me an email. I will add you to the email list. My email is
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