Thursday, January 30, 2014

Survey Results Part Three

6. Does the black lesbian scene in your area disappoint you? If so, why and how?

  • Yes, it is too focused on the club scene. I am more of a conversationalist and prefer intimate settings.
  • N/A. I have not attempted to engage any lesbian scene in Philly as of yet (recent transplant to the area).
  • I live in Utah - there is no "black lesbian scene." I am disappointed in the lesbian scene in general. Especially in UT, it tends to be very white, not inclusive; the few queer people of color that are here tend to be exoticized and marginalized, among other things.
  • Yes it does tremendously....its either too many young minded individuals or old perverted hags
  • Yes, I have been disappointed. My last black lesbian lover was abusive and had severe mental health issues. I put up with so much abuse from her I decided I would rather stay alone for the rest of my life. She scared me and she scarred me and she did so on purpose, according to one of her personalities.
  • Yes. There doesn't seem to be a sense of community. (But I've only been here for four months)
  • Very much so.
  • Yes, at 40 I feel out of touch with other lesbians. I am focused on long term and achieving my life goals.
  • Yes! There are no black lesbians whom are professional or open about their sexuality. I am originally from California, which has a very exclusive black lesbian scene.
  • No it is not bad at all. I enjoy the black lesbian bookclub and happy hours. It is a big step up from my hometown (Raleigh)
  •  Yes, the black lesbian scene doesn't exist.
  •  I'm not too certain on that. Only dated 3 since my divorce.
  •  I just moved here so I haven't really explored but from what I see it may turn out to be a disappoint
  •  Not enough diversity. Not many meet up areas so as to meet black lesbians.
  •  I'm not really on the "scene," I'm not the club type. I see women I'm interested in when I'm out but I'm too shy to approach or say anything.
  • It does sometimes just because I haven't been in a relationship recently. Too many women are trying to define a homosexual relationship by traditional heterosexual standards.
  • Yes to the one-hundredth power!!! It is non-existent especially for fems. I mean of course there are studs all over the place, but I'm not interested in dating them or joining any of their "fraternities." It pretty much sucks for fems who like fems.
  •  Yes, most are uneducated and damaged
  •  they stay in the closet, Those that are out are the fat ugly one who looks like and act like a damn man. different colors of hair. when u see a nice looking one they are always with a white woman. or they are nothing but a drunk!!
  •  Yes. The club scene is full of young (18-25) girls who are hood, lacking post high school education, overweight, dressed like sluts or thugs, etc. Or 40+ lesbians that I judge for partying with babies and would not date anyway because they are too old for me (IMO). I have yet to meet a lesbian in the club like I've described in the question above. Online dating was unsuccessful as well when I stuck to the Stl area.
  • Yes! Every time I go out, I see the same damn thing. It's saddening that I'm only 20 and I have tell 24+ how to dress appropriately. You should not be a 30 year old woman dressing like "2006 Eminem". No one is asking you to be Angela Basset's size but you can take better care of your health. Obesity is not cute, especially when you have complete control over it.
  •  Yes it does. Milwaukee is ghetto, everyone has children already and the gay scene is so small you've dated at least one of your exes exes.

7. Do you worry that you might not find the type of partner that you desire? 

  • Yes
  • Yes, but fortunately that worry doesn't create the fear in me that it once did. I hope that I do, but if I do not, I hope to have the foresight to keep from settling on a love/relationship that isn't right for me. We've only one life and a good love isn't good enough, to settle for. At least, not for me. (I hope I feel the same decades down the line).
  • It's not a worry, but I've come to the realization that there's a chance that it might not ever happen. I've learned to be okay with this.
  • Yes I'm very worried....
  • I used to worry about that but now I simply no longer worry about anything, which is a blessing that comes with age. I now feel it is a given that I won't find a partner and that I will spend the rest of my life alone and celibate.
  • Sometimes...but I have time.
  • No, with anything I want I pray about it.
    Than I speak it into the now.
  • I do, but I am prepared to live life loving ME.
  • Yes
  • Yes. I am worried I won't find a black lesbian that isn't damaged.
  • Yes
  • Sometimes
  • Definitely
  • Often. I'm feeling like I may have to step to the other said and date a white girl :(
  • I do worry. I want to get married young. At least before 30. I have time but I want to find her sooner rather than later.
  • Yes
  • I think I sometimes worry about that, but I do believe that she is out there somewhere and out paths will cross eventually.
  • Yes sometimes the qualities I look for seem to be a fleeting illusion
  •  its to late for me.. I know I want.. I find that all lesbian are about lies and deception no matter if you meet them on line or in person.
  • Yes
  •  At times, I do feel that I will never find my ideal girl. I try not stress about it too much, considering the fact that I'm still young.
  • Sometimes I think I'll never find what I need here and that I should move to California or something lol.
I decided not to post question 8 because some of you posted some really personal replies, which I assume were for my eyes only o_0

I'm taking a break from this blog to work on Sweat. When I return it will be to post chapter one of my serial.

My Latest Crush: Mishael Morgan

I have a huge crush on Mishael Morgan. She is an actress on the Young & The Restless. She plays the character Hilary.

I haven't been this excited about a black woman on soaps since Drucilla! God knows we haven't had a fully developed black woman on soaps since Drucilla. Unfortunately, Drucilla's daughter, Lily, has been whitewashed and is currently portrayed by a middle eastern (not black) chick. So, upon setting eyes on Mishael Morgan, and the realization that she has a personality, I became excited. 

From what I've read about Mishael Morgan she has it all...brains and beauty. She is originally from Trinidad. Her family moved to Canada. She studied political science in college. She is married (dammit) and has been married since 2012. 

Maybe I need to take another trip to Trinidad. I have met a lot of black women from Trinidad who were bad as hell!

Side note: Why do so many Caribbean blacks move to Canada or New York? If any of you black Canadians can answer that question please feel free to drop the answer in the comment section.

Anyway, I posted a message on twitter about Mishael and she responded....

When I asked about an autograph she sent me a personal message...

God this woman does something to me!

Anyway, if you're on twitter go follow my new boo.

Here are some videos I found on Youtube...

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