Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Atlanta: The Laughing Stock Of The World Right Now

Can't believe these niggas are trying to blame me for this disaster. They knew I was coming!

If you haven't heard Atlanta has become the laughing stock of the world. A snow storm hit the city yesterday and all hell broke loose because the city (and the state) wasn't prepared for it. Parents sent their kids to school as normal. Parents went to work as normal. It was business as usual in Atlanta. 


According to our hillbilly redneck governor, Nathan Deal, the weather report wasn't clear. 

At one point we were told the storm wouldn't hit Atlanta. People in Atlanta were told the storm would go south of Atlanta. Then around 12 or 1pm when snow started falling folks in Atlanta were told to get home ASAP. At that point snow was falling and turning into icy.

So the million plus people who live in and around Atlanta hit the interstate to get home...

Interstate 75

That's when the chaos happened. There were accidents. People's car ran out of gas after being stuck in traffic so long. Trucks became jackknifed. School buses ran out of gas...

Some people abandoned their cars in search of food, shelter and a bathroom....

Everybody is looking for answers. How could this happen in a major city? Why wasn't Atlanta prepared? Why the hell can't Georgians drive in 1-2 inches of snow? Why didn't they close the schools for the day? 

I have the answers....

I have lived in Georgia my entire life. When I was a child it snowed ONCE in Georgia and I believe that was in 1993. The following year we had a flood. Then something happened...

In 2008 around January or February it snowed. I remember it well because I went out to the patio of my apartment and stared in shock. I was amazed. It was the first time I'd seen snow since 1993. But then it snowed again 2009, 2010 and 2011. That's when I started asking myself, what the hell is going on here?

But then in 2012 we went from summer to fall to spring. We skipped over winter. It was 72 degrees in December that year.

So, I'm not surprised this winter storm caught Atlanta by surprise. We are not used to it. This winter we reached single digit temperatures...something I've never seen here.

When it comes to tornadoes, tropical storms (courtesy of hurricanes from Florida), thunderstorms and even hail, Georgia can deal. However, snow and ice are foreign things to us. I don't believe the state is going to invest in equipment that we use once or twice every 5, 10 or 20 years. It's cheaper to just shut the state down.

People keep saying Georgia needs to throw down some salt. True, but Georgia is not NY, PA, NJ, MI etc. I'm sure the city was better prepared than in 2011, but still, we now know it wasn't sufficient. Lesson learned.

I don't know what's up with the weather here. Someone definitely needs to look into it. I think our public officials need to own the bulk of the responsibility and do better. Stop playing the blame game and just admit y'all fucked up....especially the damn board of education in various counties. If I had a child in a public school around here I would be pissed. 

On another note: Chocolate is forced to spend another night. We went and put some gas in her car. We managed to get her car to my apartment. I went to publix down the street and bought her a toothbrush. I'm going to take this opportunity to pick her brain about Valentine's Day.

Survey Results Part Two

4. Are you open to lesbians with children? If no, please explain why not. 

  •  No, I have once before. I understand you have to accept the lady plus her kids but there was a lot of accommodating involved. Second, there were constant issues surrounded by the father.
  • No, not at this time in my life. The responsibility of shaping a child's life has always terrified me. So if I were to be with a woman that has children, it isn't a relationship I would enter frivolously. If the relationship
  • No, not at this time in my life. The responsibility of shaping a child's life has always terrified me. So if I were to be with a woman that has children, it isn't a relationship I would enter frivolously. If the relationship were to end, it wouldn't be just my ex & I breaking up; leaving the life of a child I have grown to love and care for is a heartbreak I wouldn't want to bear.
  • Not at this point in my life. I'm still young and would like to accomplish more goals/aspirations before children come into the picture.
  •  No I'm not because i want to be with someone who will be experiencing mother hood the same time i do.
  •  Absolutely, yes. The more the merrier. I don't assume a woman is bi just because she has a kid. There would have to be other factors involved in deciding against children- otherwise children are good.
  • Yes
  • I love kid's so one would be ok.
  •  Yes, I have one child.
  • Yes
  •  I am open, but i prefer those without kids. Many people with kids don't know how to balance dating and their home life.
  • Yes
  • Yes. I have 3 teenagers
  • Not sure
  • I would not prefer it, however if she had one I might be able to let it slide.
  • I think this is a difficult question. I wouldn't prefer it, but I think it depends how old she is, how old her child is, when she had the baby, by who, etc
  •  No, I'm not ready for that responsibility.
  •  This is honestly a hard question to answer, but I would say no. I feel like going into a relationship with children is very difficult regardless of the sex of the people. With lesbians who have children, there are questions in my mind as to whether this person is really gay and if I am just filling the boo spot until another dude comes along. It seems like nowadays many women date men, have their babies, get tired of the men and then up and decide that she wants to be a lesbian.
  • Preferably not, children complicate things.
  • Hell no been there done that. I feel the mother feel guilty that she like another woman, she allow those little brats get away with murder. I am no one mother or father.. Sooo don't call me that..
  • No. Tried it once. Didn't think she was a good mother. Wouldn't want her raising our children if we had some together. Plus, I'd like to experience parenthood as a team. Also, as a someone who once dated men (long ago), I feel that it's easy NOT to get pregnant (birth control) and I tend to judge those who were irresponsible enough to have children when they weren't really ready and/or they were not planning on them. Also, baby daddies add another dynamic to relationships I'd rather avoid
  •  No, I want to start my own family with my partner. Having children with your partner is a beautiful and humbling experience. When I do get to that step with my partner, I want us to share that moment for the FIRST time together.
  • No. I do not have any children and do not have the patience for them. I feel too young and inexperienced for the responsibly.

5. Do you want to marry? If so, how important is the race of your spouse (i.e., do you exclusively prefer your own race)? 

  •  I prefer black or biracial (mixed with black). I am open to marriage.
  •  Yes, I would like to get married. I'm mostly attracted to black women, but I am open to dating (or marrying) a woman of another race/nationality.
  •  Yes. Not very, as explained in question 2.
  •  Yes i want to get married and i prefer my own African American race because not enough of us are together. Our culture is so mixed up.
  •  Yes, in my fantasy world I would want to marry a black woman. Race is critically important to me. It's bad enough tolerating my white FaceBook friends. I will never have a white person in my bed again. They are all racist (but they don't realize it) and they can't be taught. Although I would prefer black, I might consider Indian, Latino or Middle Eastern - but not white.
  • Eventually yes. Race doesn't matter as long as the person can identify and respect my identity as a Black lesbian.
  • Yes!! Race is important and I do prefer my own race or a race that aligns with my race.
  • Race is a very important factor, would not marry outside of my race.
  • I would love to marry my soul mate. I think self-identification, class and political views are more important than race and ethnicity.
  • I want to marry and I really want a black woman. Although black women have too many rules and one-sided standards. Maybe I will find her.
  • I would love to be married, I prefer someone of my own's no longer mandatory.
  •  No. Been there done that. I like my space and I tend to retreat a lot so I need my own bat cave
  •  I love black women, doesn't mean I'm not open to try something else but black women possess a certain something I'm attracted to
  • I do want to get married and finding a black lesbian is very much a necessity!
  • I want to marry. I would prefer a black person or someone mixed with black.
  • Yes, honestly it's not that important. If she is of another race and fits the bill then I'm cool with that.
  •  I absolutely want to marry and race is important because I only want a black woman.
  •  I prefer my own race
  •  Yes I would love to get marry. Its at the top of my list to be with a beautiful black woman.
  • Yes. I prefer black women. I'd say it's rather important. I've date 1 white woman and it ended because we weren't really compatible and one of the inconsistencies was our views on race related issues. She couldn't identify and I didn't like that.
  • Yes, I do want to marry one day. I would prefer for my partner to be black. This is something that is very important to me because there is nothing like being with a black woman. There's a sacred bond I have with women of my own race that I have yet to experience with another race.
  • Eventually I do want to marry but it's way too early to even think about that . I would love to marry another kind black woman but all a keep encountering is angry hood rat women. I thought about dating white or Asian girls but they aren't usually interested in me.
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