Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Snow Day In Georgia!

Blackjack in the snow

I know I promised to post the other survey results today but that's not happening. Why? Because it's snowing in Georgia right now. I didn't even know it was supposed to snow today. I woke up and I found Blackjack covered in snow.

I wasn't planning to go anywhere today, but Chocolate called me because she ran out of gas about a mile from my apartment while on her way home from work. She was stuck in traffic for four hours and ran out of gas on the highway. 

Chocolate doesn't have AAA or Allstate and Hero (Atlanta's highway help force) is backed out because of all the accidents on the road. So, she called me. 

Georgia completely shuts down when it snows, which is not very often. People can't drive and the state doesn't have the resources to deal with this type of weather. Apparently, this thing caught everyone by surprise. Right now we are in a state of emergency. It is a disaster. School buses are stuck on the side of the road without any gas. People are stuck on the road because the snow has turned into ice. Kids are still stuck at school, accidents are all over the road, traffic is backed out. 

When Chocolate called me I hesitated. I have never even driven in the snow...that's how often we get it here. Nonetheless, I went outside and heated up Blackjack. Twenty minutes later I made my way into traffic on 285.  I came across Chocolate freezing her ass off on the side of the road in her car. She hurried up and got in and we sat in traffic for two hours. 

I just got back home thirty minutes ago. Chocolate is sitting in front of the heat in my studio and I'm about to make her some hot chocolate. I wrapped a blanket around her. She will be spending the night. I gave her an old Spelman t-shirt to sleep in tonight. I don't suspect anything will happen, but I'm glad I was able to help her.

Here are some more pictures....

A neighbor's car

Plants near my patio

The dog park across the way

*Bonus pic...I found this on my camera....

Blackjack's front headlight

Racist You Say? No, I'm Just Honest

I've received quite a few emails from white people, who didn't appreciate my unfiltered rant about hating white people.

And guess what? I don't give a fuck. 

White people can kiss my gawdamn ass! 

I give two shits about your hurt feelings. You're so used to hearing that old tired "rainbow nation....we are all one and the same" bullshit from civil rights leaders that you're shocked when someone black actually comes at you with both barrels aiming at your head. You expect us all to sit around forgiving you and turning the other cheek...because that's been our collective response in the PAST. Because of this you've had free reign to do and say what the hell you want about black people with little to no consequences. 

Well, let me set the record straight: That "turn the other cheek" shit doesn't fly with me and it doesn't fly with a lot of young African Americans. You fuck with me be prepared to get it back in spades.

I don't give a damn what anyone says. Black people, in this world, are ENTITLED to any hatred we feel towards whites. You have earned it. 

I'm honest enough to admit that I hate you motherfuckers. 

I have tried that "rainbow nation" nonsense and it doesn't work. Why? Because you selfish, greedy, racist, pieces of shit won't leave black people the hell alone. 

We can't live day-to-day without you fucking with us in some way, shape or form. 

We can't have our own shit (example, blackpeoplemeet.com) without you feeling some type of way and setting up accounts on our shit. 

We can't have our own music and entertainment without you stealing the shit from under us and calling yourselves the innovators of said entertainment. 

We can't have our own holidays, businesses, schools, etc without you feeling some type of way...even though you don't want us to be apart of your shit and tell us to go create our own! 

We, black people, can't love and praise each other without you feeling threatened by our unity. 

We can't walk down the damn street in the middle of the night without you on our asses. 

We can't drive nice cars, live in nice homes or have nice things in life without you on our asses. 

One thing is for sure: White people don't like to see black people doing well, doing for ourselves/each other or doing anything that doesn't include them. 

I fucking hate you because you haven't given me a reason to like you. 

Some of you asked what the hell made me go into that angry rant about white people I posted weeks ago. I'll tell you....

Shortly before Christmas I took a trip to my hometown. I went home to see my family, but I also went home to do some good in the world. 

There is a neighborhood I used to pass by everyday on my way to school. The neighborhood is a slum if I've ever seen one. There are boarded up  houses everywhere. Trash litters the ground. Stores have prematurely closed down. Crime is sky high. Even the black church in the area closed shop and relocated. This neighborhood is one of those places that you see and you're surprised that people actually live in the community...it's so dilapidated. Yet the community is full of poor black women and children. Black men in the community are either dead, in prison, on the street corner, or just unemployed/unproductive. There aren't very many jobs in my hometown. So, the people in the community will probably remain at the very bottom of the economic totem pole. 

My grandma always told me to give back if I'm ever able. Well, I am able and I always said I would do something for the people in this slum. I went to the bank and withdrew $5,000 from my bank account. My little brother and I rented a small u-haul. 

First, we went to a toy store in a mall in the next town (the one that was in my hometown closed years ago...due to the recession) and I bought $2,000 worth toys. 

Next, we went to a grocery store not too far from the run down slum. I grabbed the attention of the store manger, a white woman, and I informed her that I wanted every ham and turkey in the store. She gave me a curious look and went into her office. My brother and I didn't give the look much thought. We began loading a shopping cart with canned vegetables. 

My plan was to purchase the toys and food and give them to the people in the slum. I remember Christmas as a kid and there is nothing like a belly full of soul food while you're opening your Christmas toys and listening to A Motown Christmas. It makes a child feel good.

Anyway, ten minutes later as my brother and I are making our way through the store the manager and a police officer come up to us. Confused, my brother and I look at each other...trying to figure out what the hell is going on. It turns out the store manager called the police on me! Why? Because the racist bitch thought it suspicions that a black woman would request every ham and turkey in stock. Surely, I must be a drug dealer or criminal to have enough money to afford that much food. We all know she wouldn't have done such a thing if I were white.

You want to see someone turn angry in a flash....you should have been in that store that day! I went the fuck off once I realized the bitch had racial profiled me. I mean I snapped. It got so heated that the other store manager, a white man, came out of his office. Once he realized what had happened he seemed remorseful and shocked....probably because he knew she'd opened them up for a lawsuit. 

In the end, I walked out of that store without the food. I ended up driving across town to Wal-Mart who was more than happy to pile my u-haul with meat. Even though I was still angry as hell, I went to the slum community and gave out the toys and meat. The people were so shocked and happy that I forgot my anger for the moment. My brother handed out the toys to the kids, and I handed out the ham and turkey to the women. 

As soon as I made it home later that day you got the full force of my rage in that blog I wrote.

I don't apologize for feeling the way that I feel. 

So, get off my nuts!
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