Saturday, January 25, 2014

Survey Results Part One

Below are your survey results. Twenty-two people took the survey. Due to the number of surveys and the reality that I have to copy and paste each individual answer I have decided to break the results into three parts. I will post part two on Tuesday and part three on Friday.

1. How old are you and where do you reside (city/state/country)?

  •  I am 31 years old and reside in Houston, TX.
  • 29 Suburbs of Philadelphia
  • 28. Salt Lake City, UT, US
  • 29/bronx/ny
  •  I'm 52 in Oakland CA US
  •  24, Maryland, USA
  •  28 Gadsden/SC/USA
  •  40, Washington, DC
  •  Bloomington, IN 30's
  • 26/DC/USA
  •  52 years old,
    Baldwin NY USA
  •  44 next month (Feb). I live in Chattanooga but I'm from Rhode Island (Newport, that little island off of RI)
  •  25 newport, ri
  •  29 ATL
  •  I'm in my early twenties...well closer to mid-twenties. I live in Atlanta
  •  24 Upper Marlboro, MD
  •  27 in North Florida
  •  20 years old, Saint Petersburg Florida
  •  60, Lexington, KY. USA
  •  31; St Louis MO USA You didn't ask but I'm from GA and travel to Atl as much as I can.
  •  20 years old
  •  22, Milwaukee wi usa

Me: I'm pleasantly surprised so many older lesbians read my blog. 

2. How hard is it for you to meet the type of black lesbians you want to date? 

  • I find it extremely hard as it appears that the focus is on the club scene. They do have a monthly poetry reading.
  •  To be honest, I am not looking. BUT, of the black lesbians I have (knowingly) met, many were not women I'd want to date. So quite difficult.
  •  I'm not necessarily particular about the race, although there aren't very many queer women of color to begin with in the state where I reside. I find it rather difficult to meet women in general. I have never been in a relationship.
  •  Extremely hard.
  •  It's very, very hard. I don't date at all. I don't try any more. I have no idea if it's possible or not because I have given up completely. I am resigned to being alone the rest of my life, because I'm too afraid.
    A few years ago, I saw a woman in Whole Foods who was my type, but I was TOO SHY to approach her. I have never forgotten her, though, and I often wonder about her. I wish I had just said something to her.
  •  On a scale from 1-5 (5 being extremely hard) it's a 3. I just moved to MD and an looking educated women. I've taken initiative by joining meetups and various groups. However, older women mostly attend many of these groups.
  •  Very hard.
  •  I am passed the partying & club phase, so social meetings are limited.
  •  Very difficult
  •  Its hard unless I got to lesbian-specific meetups. Then after a while everyone knows everyone smh.
  •  Very difficult, because most women are part of a couple. Also there are few to no WOC events scheduled on Long Island.
  •  Very hard since I don't go out much. Married to my career
  •  Extremely
  •  On a scale on 1 to 10, 10 being the hardest, I'd say a 40!
  •  Since I'm not the outgoing type it is hard. But the "type" of women I like are not that hard to come by. I like "stemmy" type of women. Not too femme and not too stud, but in the middle. If I had more confidence I feel I could meet them.
  •  It is a struggle. For one most women I meet are not comfortable because they are not out yet. Then since I am a fem I usually encounter the "I only date studs" motif.
  •  The city I'm living in is a college town, but I'm too mature for college women. The lesbian scene here is pretty much non-existent. It seems as though the only other options is the internet and I'm not really down with the internet thing especially with this catfish business going on. Basically it is extremely hard to find a black lesbian who is on my level and not with all the drama.
  •  Seems nearly impossible.
  •  very hard, they look like who did it and what for. Lord I give up!!
  •  Extremely
  •  It has become very difficult to find a single black lesbian that sparks my interest.
  •  It's pretty difficult. I either have to meet them online (gay groups etc) , or in a gay club where they are more likely to be Lesbian. I typically don't get approached by women on the street like I do from men.

3.  What qualities are you looking for in a partner?

  •  I would like to meet someone professional and business savvy. Kind, generous, spiritual, open minded, intelligence with depth, great conversation, traveler, frugal, positive, ambitious.
  •  Intelligence, thoughtfulness, kindness, likes to laugh, laid-back and is a conversationalist. Even though my list of desirable partner traits is short, what I look for, I am unable to describe. It is the quality and depth of a person, that I look for.
  •  Someone who lives by a value system, intelligent, funny, accomplished, humble, caring, thoughtful, giving, honest, healthy, beautiful.
  •  Ambitious, educated, determined, loyal, dependable
  •  Mandatory: 1. No violence or abuse. At all. NONE. EVER. 2. Must have NO mental illness. At all. I have zero tolerance for crazy. 3. No substance abuse, no smoking.
    Preferences: Intelligent, Honest, Kind.
    If I found that much then I would tolerate a lot. For example: I prefer natural hair and I am vegan but if she wants to bring hamburgers into the house I would live with that if she was drama-free and smart.
  •  Adventurous, funny, intelligent, goal-minded, spiritual (belief in something), hard working, understanding.
  •  Someone who love's and have a relationship with God.
    Kind,Loyal,Down to Earth,Smart,Attentive,Someone I
    can grow with.
  •  Trust, love, self sufficient, attractiveness, intelligence, sane, not a substance abuser, or scammer
  •  Honesty, charisma, witty, intellect, outgoing, fun and funny, sweet, humble, family oriented and driven.
  • Someone down-to-earth and makes a decent living to support themselves. Don't want someone without a lot hang ups and baggage.
  •  Caring, self sufficient, interest in family, work and play, passionate about life.
  •  Down to earth, silly like me (I love to laugh) and NON-judgmental
  •  Intelligence, loving, caring, determined, mature, honesty
  •  Sense of humor, intellectual, artist, music lover, attractive, thoughtful, passionate, career driven, out going.
  • I want someone kind, respectful, able to live up to their principles, I want them to have some kind of talent, attractive, etc
  •  Educated, ambitious, adventurous, and a good sense of humor.
  •  I want a driven and ambitious woman, and someone who isn't afraid to have fun and enjoy life. I would like to find a woman who believes in God and strong in her faith. I look for honesty, integrity, loyalty and no-drama. I like feminine women; someone who dresses nicely and is sexy in heels or tennis shoes.
  •  Education, ambition, truthful
  •  someone who have respect for one self as in looking nice at all times. speak well and most of all have some damn common sense... Who have some kind of stability in there life. Is that to much to ask!!!
  •  Drive (in career and extracurriculars), smart, attractive, open, honest, great communicator, wants a family, in shape and committed to remaining in shape, fun, even tempered, confident, sex appeal, affectionate (verbally and physically)
  •  Intelligent
    Nice physique
    I want someone who knows what they want in life but, most importantly, wants to be in a committed relationship.
  •  I want someone caring, attentive, & physically attractive. Where even on my bad days, they understand what I'm going through and empathize. I also want someone emotionally stable for the most part who won't switch up on me out of nowhere.
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