Friday, January 24, 2014

Missing In Action For The Moment

I've haven't been blogging lately because I've been working on Sweat. The first chapter is about 20 pages. I'm planning to release it sometime next week. It will be free on Amazon kindle. I will also offer a PDF download link on this blog. 

If you want to purchase a subscription to Sweat ($1.99 a month) you will be able to do so securely. I will offer more details on this later. 

Right now I'm working with an artist to create my cover art. I'm rewriting the first chapter and sending it to my editor. 

Hopefully, it will be available for download early next week.

I'm very pleased with my work. I always find the beginning of any story the most challenging to write because I'm introducing my characters. If done right this has the ability to pull readers in right away. If done wrong this has the ability to turn readers off. 

I think Sweat will be successful.

I haven't forgot your surveys. When I get time I will post the results of your surveys on my blog.
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