Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Single Black Lesbians: How Hard Is It For You To Meet Black Lesbians You Would Date?

I want to know if there are other black lesbians out there who share my grievances about the black lesbian community. This survey is best suited for SINGLE black lesbians as most of the questions do not apply to those of you in a relationship. Your age and background does not matter. If you are a BLACK SINGLE LESBIAN please take the survey.

I know other races of people read my blog, which is cool. However, this survey was made with black lesbians in mind because I want to know if there are other black lesbian who feel like me. So, I respectfully ask that all "others" opt out of this survey. 

The survey is completely anonymous. I plan to share the results of this survey on my blog. You can be honest with your answers. If you're interested in taking the survey here is the LINK.
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