Saturday, January 4, 2014

Moving On...

I spent the day watching Roots: The Next Generations, which I love far more than the original Roots. It's one of those things I can watch over and over again without getting tired. This might be because the time period in which it takes place is when many of my own KNOWN ancestors were living. If you haven't seen it go out and buy a copy. I think I paid about $18.00 for my copy on two years ago. 

Anyway, Roots: The Next Generations forced me to do some self-reflecting. It's hard not to self-reflect when you're watching the saga of a black family who survived slavery, jim crow, racism, classism etc. 

I realized I need to stop sitting around feeling sorry for myself. Compared to generations of black people before me I don't have a damn thing to complain about. 

I'm free. 

I have a top notch education that includes a Masters degree. 

I'm not wanting for money, food or shelter. 

I'm a young black gay woman, and for most of my life I've been able to reach the highest heights without my sexuality, gender or race getting in the way of my ambition. 

My mind has been sitting idle for a few months. I think that is my main problem. An analytical mind like mine NEEDS to be constantly active or else it becomes the devil's workshop. I start thinking about things like killing a chick. I start sinking into a depression.

Since I'm intent on never working for anyone white again, and making a living as a writer, I've decided to go back to school to pursue another Masters degree. I would like to learn a trade that I can turn into a business if I ever find myself scrapped for cash. I've decided to pursue a Masters degree in accounting. 

This is good for me because it will help me understand my own taxes (I'm in a new tax bracket...unfortunately). It will also help me manage my own finances in the future (I plan to make a great deal of money this year). 

I've done my research. Many of the Masters of accounting programs in Georgia are intense one year programs, which is fine. However, I have to pick up some knowledge before I can even enroll in one of these Masters programs. I have to learn the basic principles of accounting. So, I'm going to spend the summer taking some classes either at a community college or a local technical school. Either way I will be doing something with my brain.
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