Wednesday, January 1, 2014

I'm Not Trying To Please Everybody

Today I had a conversation with a former co-worker. I told her about my plans to create a written serial (i.e., soap opera) featuring black lesbians. I described the various characters and story lines I've been working on for the last week or so. 

I'm very excited about this project. It is the only thing that makes me smile these days. 

I must say the project is coming along nicely. I'm very pleased with all the drama, twist and turns I've produced. I'm not too big on romance, but I can write some drama. Lies, lust, betrayal and verbal altercations never looked so damn good. My characters are well developed and REAL. Some of them have more than a hint of my personality as well.

I have a hit on my hands and I know it. 

Anyway, I told this former co-worker everything I've written so far. This woman is an older woman. I think she is in her forties. She seems pretty opened minded. We get along fine. When I asked for her feedback she asked, "Why do all the women have to be lesbians? You'll get more readers if some of the women are straight."

My response: I'm not trying to please everyone. I'm writing the type of fiction I want to read. I'm not trying to please straight people. The demographic I'm targeting is BLACK lesbians. We are such an invisible minority that there is a void in entertainment for us. So, I don't care what straight people think or feel. I don't care what white people think or feel. I care about my target audience. 

She continued to tell me I was selling myself short. 

I don't think so. 

Black lesbians...specifically on point sisters...are an untapped population....meaning we aren't being represented in the media. We aren't being represented in books (outside of the fetish shit produced by STRAIGHT people). There are some black lesbian athletes, but truthfully most of those women are so stereotypical it's hard for me to identify with them.  

Naturally, we want to see images of ourselves. We want to see career women with interesting personal lives. We want to see women who have started families with their partners. We want to see black lesbians getting married. Point blank....we want the same entertainment straight people have and take for granted.

Let's say of the estimated 22 million black women in this country 1 million are lesbians. 

Suppose 20,000 of that 1 million finds their way to Bowtie Lez and subscribes to my serial. By subscribing to my serial these 20,000 readers are agreeing to pay $1.99 a month for unlimited access to my content. 

20,000 x 1.99 = $39,800 A MONTH. 

$39,800 x 12 months = $477,600  A YEAR.

Tell me again, why I should include straight people in my serial. Tell me again why I should cater to a straight audience or include them in my serial. 

I'm aware that my content will not please everyone. Some people will take a look at the $1.99 monthly fee and say, "Fuck that!" which is their right. But I'm not trying to please everyone. 

People who want to purchase my content will purchase it. 

The bottom line is I'm doing what makes ME happy. 

If I write my serial and only 5 people buy it I will still be happy! Why? Because I'm not sitting behind someone's desk, punching a clock everyday while thinking how much I hate working for white people.
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