Sunday, June 29, 2014

I'm Turning 29 This Week...

This week I turn 29 years old. I don't quite know how I feel about it. On one hand, I'm happy to see another year. On another hand, I'm not exactly excited about getting older. 

There is so much I thought I would accomplish at this point in my life that's hasn't happened. Here is a list of things that haven't happened...
  1. I haven't married yet. There isn't even a potential wife in the picture. 
  2. I don't have any kids. I thought child #1 would be here at this point in my life. That hasn't happened yet because of #1. That clock in my head began ticking at age 25 and it gets louder every year. I constantly worry that I might not have any children.
  3. I don't own any property (i.e., a house). 
  4. While I'm grateful to be doing what I want to do in life, my writing career is still something that has highs and lows from time-to-time. It's not as stable as I would have liked and I'm honestly thinking about taking my ass to law school and calling it a day. I don't really feel like I have any solid direction in terms of a long-term career. The only things I'm certain of is I don't want to work in corporate America. I don't want to work for anyone white. I want to own my own business.
This year marks the end of my glorious twenties. It's time to get REAL about life and stop dreaming. The problem is I've been a dreamer all my life. I don't know how to stop dreaming and hoping. The older I get the more I feel like the character Walter Lee from A Raisin In A Sun

Do thoughts of disappointment naturally start once you've reached a certain age? 

Does optimism leave the picture completely at a certain age?

I'm tired of dreaming and hoping, but ending up disappointed.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Sweat: Chapter Three Is Now Available!

Chapter three of Sweat is now available. If you wish to purchase it please use the links below...

Amazon: Here

Gumroad: Here

Barnes & Noble: TBD

I'm off to work on chapter four of Sweat and chapter one of Climaxxx.

Email me if you have any questions or concerns.

Act Like A Lady Think Like A Lesbian

I am going to write a relationship book for black lesbians. It will be a funny spoof of Steve Harvey's Act Like A Lady Think Like A Man. 

The book will be titled, Act Like A Lady Think Like A Lesbian: The black lesbians guide to sex, love, and romance.

The idea for this book came from all the emails I received reading, "I don't know where to go to meet women" or "How do you know if a woman likes you?"

I'm no expert on women, but I do know how to love, romance, and fuck! 

I do know how to seduce a woman. 

I do know how to tell if a woman is interested. 

I am going to take THIS post and turn it into a relationship book. This book will be funny and entertaining. I plan to write it long-hand in a composition notebook. 

I'm not sure what the format will be but I plan to publish and print copies of this book! I'm thinking about making it a pocket book like some of those Idiot's Guides...

I'm thinking about including illustrations...LOL!

Anyway, let me know what you think of this idea. If you have any suggestions about the book you can tell me about them HERE.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Cover Art For Climaxxx...

This is the cover art for my upcoming black lesbian serial, Climaxxx. To learn more about Climaxxx click HERE.

I plan to release chapter three of Sweat sometime this week.

The sisters of Kappa Lambda Rho in Climaxxx got next! 

I'm excited about Climaxxx. The world is NOT ready for this one. I'm going to show my ass in this one. 

The beautiful, raunchy, freaky, intelligent, crazy, sensitive, compassionate, outrageous, backstabbing sisters of Kappa Lambda Rho are next!

Stay tuned...

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Brainstorming & Rearranging My Apartment

Today I rearranged my apartment. I live in studio and there is limited space. I'm donating my large recliner to the Salvation Army. It's being replaced by a small old oak wood school desk that I bought off Craigslist. It kinda looks like this...

Except its bigger and it sits on four legs. The desk is made of oak wood and it opens like this...

I bought it because my other desk was getting crowded. I also bought it so I can sit at my manual typewriter and write comfortably. My current desk sits high. Trying to use a manual typewriter (or an electric typewriter) on it is challenging. It's great for my imac desktop computer, but not a typewriter. 

Speaking of typewriters, I have found a new friend in the manual typewriter I bought off Ebay a year ago....

When I bought this typewriter I didn't realize the font is slanted. I was disappointed in the typewriter. I didn't give it much of a chance. I disregarded it. I put it back into its case and tossed in a closet. 

Well, yesterday I started playing around with the typewriter and I was amazed by its features. I also felt incredibly at ease using it. I started out typing one line. That one line turned into a paragraph. That one paragraph became the first page of my new novel, Rhythm & Blues.

This typewriter is going to sit on my new desk and I'm going to churn out my novel on it. I'm excited. No spell check. No dictionary. No auto correct. All I have is the typewriter, my brain, and the words on the paper. This will make me a better writer.

Today, I did some brainstorming for Rhythm & Blues. I decided the story won't take place in Detroit. That's too obvious for a girl group from the 1950s/1960s. Instead, the story will start in Mound Bayou, Mississippi.  It will also be told in the first person from one of the women involved in the love story.

Why the change?

There are a few reasons for it...
  1. The south is near and dear to my heart.
  2. Mound Bayou, Mississippi is a very unique town. Mound Bayou was founded by black people FOR black people. Up until the end of Jim Crow is was known as a self-sufficient town for black people despite being in Mississippi and the deep south. It excites me to write about a town run by black folks with black farmers, doctors, lawyers, business men etc.
  3. I decided to tell this story in the first person after watching Fried Green Tomatoes and The Notebook last night. To my knowledge there hasn't been a true depiction of love between black women....not a fetish or the stereotypical bullshit...but true love. I know how I feel about black women. I know what I want to read.
I'm trying to decide what decade I want members of my girl group to be born. Part of me wants them to be born in the early twenties, but that would put them in their 40's in the 1960s. R&B, as we know  it, didn't come alive until the late 1950s. So, that could be a problem.

Anyway, I'm on a roll and I'm not slowing down or stopping. 

Friday, June 13, 2014

My Life At The Moment...

Here is a summary of my life at the moment...

I got my hair retwisted today. I made it to 3 months in my lock journey. Cheers...

I am completing the final edits on Sweat chapter three. It should be out sometime next week. Cheers again!

The cover art for Climaxxx will be done next week. Cheers again!

I'm working on chapter one of Climaxxx. I'm also working on my first full length lesbian novel. It will be a love story titled Rhythm & Blues. Cheers again!

Father's day is Sunday and my dad's birthday is Monday. He's coming to Atlanta to spend the day with me on his birthday. This is only the second time he's visited me since I've been living on my own in Atlanta. 

Cheers to everything!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Confession Corner: New Space To Rant, Rave, & Rage!

Good news...I have created a page on my blog solely dedicated to ranting, raving, raging and confessing!

You can go HERE and pour out your heart. You can post anything you want. Rage against the world!

Got problems, issues, and just need some place to rant? This is your spot!

You can also subscribe to the thread to stay up-to-date on comments. Just hit the subscribe button listed under the comments on the page.


Tuesday, June 10, 2014

There Is Another Woman In The Picture...Besides Chocolate

There is another woman in the picture besides Chocolate...

The other woman was a supervisor at the bank where I worked. We grew closer. Before I quit the bank she gave me her contact information. I don't know if she is gay or not, but my gut is telling me YES. I don't think she would have given me her contact information if she was not interested. She knows I'm gay because I told her. 

Anyway, I've been admiring this woman for some time. She is beautiful. She's taller than me, but I don't care. She is 31 years old. She rocks some very stylish natural hair styles. She is caramel skinned. She is smart. She studied drama in college and wanted to be an actress. She doesn't have any kids. For the purpose of this blog her name will be Hollywood.

Hollywood is my dream woman and I want her. I have to cross that line and dig deeper into her personal life. So far I don't know anything about it. If something happens with Hollywood I'm going to end up hurting Chocolate again and I don't want to do that to her. 

I know I'm an asshole, but keep in mind things with Chocolate happened completely out of the blue. She made me think there would NEVER be any type of sex or relationship between us. She rejected me over and over again. I accept it for what it was, and moved on with my life. I had no way of knowing we would eventually hook up and have sex. 


I Don't Know Who She Is But I Want To Climb On Top!

I swear there is nothing like a black woman who has her shit together. Black women are the baddest women in world when we are on point. 

I ran across the woman above while looking for an image of a beautiful bald black woman to send to the artist designing the cover for Climaxxx. It was love at first sight. I don't know who she is but I want to fuck her.

The cover for Climaxxx is going to be bad as hell! I just approved the sketches so we are on to the next step. 

I wish I could join my fictional black lesbian sorority, Kappa Lambda Rho....LOL. 

I'm editing chapter three of Sweat. It's a slow process but I'm almost done. Stay tuned for that.

Anyway, check out the woman above. Tell me she is not bad as hell!

Monday, June 9, 2014

My New Goal In Life...

I have made a life changing decision...

I am going to learn everything I need to know about renovating and constructing houses. Renovating houses has always aroused my curiosity. There is nothing more fascinating to me than watching a shack turn into a comfortable home. 

I am going to learn this trade and I'm going to buy that craftsman's bungalow I want so bad. I'm going to buy a run down shitty looking bungalow for 20-30k and I'm going to turn it into a 5 star home. 

In order to learn more about my new passion I signed up as a volunteer for Habitat for Humanity. I reached out to someone who does this for a living with the hope of possibly becoming an apprentice (it's just my luck that he renovates craftsman's bungalows). This Saturday (and just about every Saturday for now on) I'm going to be at Home Depot for an hour and half. Why? Because apparently Home Depot offers free classes on how to do home renovations!

This new passion might lead to something more. It might lead to that business I so desperately want to start. 

We shall see...

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Why Gawdammit Why???

Do you see the house pictured above? That is my dream house. That is the house I've talked about owning since I started this blog. It is a 1920s craftsman's bungalow. These homes are typically located near parks in the city. This bungalow is located in the historically black community known as Adair Park, which is located near downtown Atlanta. The community is not too far from Spelman, Morehouse, Morris Brown etc. The house is currently pending sale (which means someone beat me to it) for $104,900. If you want to see some more pictures of the house click HERE.

This is why I'm upset...

For decades Adair Park, Capitol View, Capitol View Manor, the entire area surrounding Auburn Ave (where MLK's childhood home is located) was considered the rock bottom ghetto. Years ago you could buy a home on MLK's block for $5,000-$10,000. Don't believe me? See for yourself...

Take a look at THIS HOUSE. Stroll down and look at the price history.  In 1994 it was sold for $8,000. In 1998 it was sold for $23,000. In  2007 it was sold for $540,000. In 2012 it was sold for $390,000. 

No doubt this house^^ did not look like the one pictured in 1994. However, it had the potential to look like that way back when and someone (probably black) gave up on it. The house was sold to the next person. This continued to happen until WHITES discovered the wonderful historic Victorian style homes located on Auburn Ave. This coupled, with the reality that MLK's childhood home would forever be on the block, prompted them to start buying homes, fix them up, and move into the community. We call this gentrification.

On the surface I can see the benefits of gentrification. Communities that once looked like shit suddenly become livable when whites bring their resources into the community. Crime goes down. Schools get better. Cops start patrolling the area. However, these benefits should NOT come courtesy of the neighborhood turning white. They should be there from the get go. This just shows how much inequality we have in this country.

Whites have the money and the resources to turn shitty neighborhoods into prime real estate. While black people only have the ability to promote the history of our neighborhoods. We often face discrimination when it comes to getting quality mortgages and loans for home repairs. We don't often have the money to flip homes from good to bad and therefore bring the neighborhood, its businesses, and schools up in value. Not to mention the lack of education in the black community about property values, land values, mortgages and the real estate market.

Gentrification in itself doesn't upset me. What upsets me is knowing that whites move hell and high water to keep us black folks out of "their" communities, but these motherfuckers STAY moving their asses into historically black communities. White people in this country have done everything to keep black people out of their communities, jobs, politics, schools, etc. They have used redlining. They have used gerrymandering. They have built high rise cheaply constructed housing projects in bad rotting ghettos. They have used racial covenants. They have used housing associations.They have used any and everything to keep their neighborhoods white.

When all else fails they sell their homes for bargain prices (which brings down the value of other homes in the community) and move the hell away when we move into their communities. Yet when it comes to our communities these assholes move in, drive up the cost of living, and eventually force us out.

This shit makes me angry!!!

The home above would have been perfect for me. It would have been nice. But I'm willing to bet the people who bought this house look something like this....

or this...

and NOT this....

Despite the reality that the majority of the community looks like the last picture. 

This is what I don't understand...

When you visit Adair Park's website (HERE) you will read the following:
Adair Park is a neighborhood of diversity. All it takes is a drive down the street or attending a neighborhood meeting and you will see people from all walks of life living and interacting as neighbors. That is what makes Adair Park great – the bond between the neighbors. Whether it is watching out for someone’s house while they are out of town or making a meal when someone is sick, Adair Park has a great sense of community.
Why in the world are black people so proud of diversity? Don't these idiots know that diversity of historically black neighborhoods typically ends with those neighborhoods becoming white? Why the hell are black people so welcoming of people who don't show us the same courtesy when we move into their communities? Don't these idiots know that eventually they will be priced out of the community they pride themselves on being diverse? 

Diversity does NOT help black people. That's the bullshit lie sold to us by old dead civil rights leaders and white liberals. The only thing black people get with diversity is broken communities, destruction of black businesses and institutions, and massive economic inequality because our business community is GONE. 

Today that bungalow is selling for $104,000. In another 5-10 years it will be selling for $500,000. How did I come to that conclusion? It is located in downtown Atlanta. It is located on the Beltline. It is a historic home built in the 1920s...with all the perks of a bungalow. Adair Park, the actual public park, is around the corner. The Georgia Dome is in walking distance (and the new stadium will be in walking distance). The Georgia World Congress Center is in walking distance. Downtown Atlanta is in walking distance. Why the hell can't we, as a race, see this shit???

Black folks, have some pride in your neighborhoods. Take care of them. Remember this: One man's junk is another man's treasure...

Black Entrepreneurship & Me

I want to own a business and I think more black people should feel like me...

I don't know what type of business I want to own, but I do know it should be something I love. Therefore it will either be some type of publishing company or something involving books.

For a while, I thought about starting a newspaper, but then I brushed the idea aside because newspapers are going the way of the dinosaur. Any type of newspaper I start will be politically incorrect, honest and in your face. It will be a black newspaper never before seen by the world (kinda like this blog). Unfortunately, I believe it will also be ignored by whites and blacks alike. 

For a while, I thought about starting a book club of some kind, but then I brushed the idea aside because I'm not quite sure how I would make money from a book club. 

So, I'm kinda stuck trying to decide what type of business to create. The only thing that I'm certain of is that my business HAS to offer some type of product....not a service...but a product. This product has to be something that is not offered any place else. With this in mind, the newspaper idea sounds ideal, but again, I don't think anyone would read my newspaper.

Young Gifted & Black...With No Opportunities In Sight

***Note: I was in the middle of writing this blog prior to getting the phone call from my dad to let me know that my grandma died. The blog was never published or finished. It was saved as a draft on my blogger account. I decided to go ahead and publish it because it shows exactly where my mind was prior to getting that call...

There are several college graduates in my family. Yet you wouldn't know it if you observed what these black college graduates do for a living. I have a cousin who has a masters degree. Yet she still lives at home with her parents and works a low paying job as a preschool teacher. I have another cousin with a bachelor degree who lives at home with his mom. He pushes beds around at the local hospital. On the flip side of this, his younger brother dropped out of college, drives the brown truck for UPS and makes $63,000 a year. 

This thing we call LIFE is not fair. 

I get angry every time I think about the piss poor world my generation of African Americans inherited. We often struggle to get half of what white people have with twice the education. It's harder for us to accumulate half the wealth they have even though we often find ourselves working twice as hard to get our foots in the door and prove ourselves worthy of the opportunity. It's harder for us to get loans for decent homes. It's harder for us to put ourselves through school. It's harder for us live and exist period....and it makes me angry as motherfucking hell. 

I'm sick of watching hard working black people not get anywhere in life. It's wasn't too long ago that I was one of those people. My grandmother was one of those people. My aunts are some of those people. Since about my entire family fits in that category. These are people who actually DID what they were supposed to do (i.e., sought education, married, no children out of wedlock) but still find themselves at the bottom of totem pole. 

I want to do something to help...

I've thought about robbing a bank. Yes, I'm serious. I've actually thought about pulling a Set It Off, but in a different way. I used to work for a major bank. I know everything there is to know about walking off with the bank's money and NEVER getting caught. I know how to commit fraud without getting caught. I know how to take over people's account. I know how to steal their debit card numbers. I know how steal their money from their accounts. I know how to do this...and I never have to set one foot inside of a bank to do it. 

Now if only I had the courage to do it...

In my mind I would be fucking over a system that continues to fuck us, black people, over. If any group of people has just cause to rob and steal from corporate America it is black people. This particular bank in my mind was a participant in slavery and Jim Crow. I don't give a solid fuck about robbing the hell out of the bank. As far as I'm concerned it's been a long time coming. 

Maybe I should sell my knowledge of this bank to a terrorist organization or something. I'll sell this shit to Bin Laden's homeboys and use the funds to take care of my family. That would be poetic justice for their asses...

Saturday, June 7, 2014

A Friend Sent This To Me...

She said it reminds her of me!

LOL! I think she is right. The picture describes how I think.

Friday, June 6, 2014

What Are Your Thoughts On My Blog?

Periodically I post a survey asking you, the readers, your thoughts on my blog. Well, it's that time again. 

I have created a 3 question survey asking your thoughts on this blog. The survey is my way of identifying who exactly is reading my blog. It is completely anonymous. So, you can be honest. It is for my eyes only. I am the only person who will read the results.

I would appreciate it if everyone reading this blog would complete the survey. You can be as detailed as you want about your thoughts. Again., it is completely anonymous. 

If you're interested in taking the survey simply click this LINK.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Coming Soon: Climaxxx

Today I spent the day brainstorming ideas for Climaxxx and I think I have the basic premise of the serial...

 Climaxxx will center around a group of black lesbians in a sorority called Kappa Lambda Rho.

Kappa Lambda Rho was established in Atlanta, Georgia on the campus of a fictional HBCU, Georgia A & T University by Cartier Simmons with the goal of promoting sisterhood amongst black lesbians. It grew into a widely respected sorority. Black lesbians from all walks of life make up the sorority. There are engineers, doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, etc in the sorority.

On the surface, the sisters of Kappa Lambda Rho look as though they have their shit together, but of course looks can be deceiving. 

There is a whole lot of shit going on with these chicks...and you, the readers, get to hear it right from them. As I stated a few posts ago, Climaxxx will be told in the first person.

Facts about Kappa Lambda Rho...
  • Established in 2006 on the campus of Georgia A & T University by Cartier Simmons. 
  • Sorority is solely for black lesbians...though "others" can join. 
  • Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia...but has grown to incorporate several chapters around the country. 
  • Established to promote sisterhood amongst black lesbians. 
  • Most prominent organization for black lesbians in the world. 
  • Sorors are some of the most successful black women in the country. 
  • Motto: Forever my sister's keeper
  • Symbol; Not Yet Determined by Lezintellect
  • Flower: Amaryllis flower
  • Colors: Lavender & Turquoise
So far I'm pleased with my progress on this project. I'm also very pleased with the images I have in my head for the sorority. I picked the sorority's colors (Lavender & Turquoise) because I like the way the two colors contrast with each other...

Anyway, let me know what you think of my ideas for Climaxxx. Hit the comment section or email me at

P.S. Chapter Three of Sweat is DONE. I'm rewriting and editing as I type this blog.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

My Weekly Visit With My Shrink

Today I went to my weekly 30 minute visit with my shrink. She asked me some questions about my life and I told her nothing has changed since the last time I we spoke. She asked me if I have been able to sleep. I told her no. She asked me if I was taking the medication she prescribed. I said yes, which is a lie. I had the prescriptions filled but I have yet to actually take the drugs (I halfway believe my issues can be cured without medication). 

Somehow or the other we started talking about what I do at night when I'm not able to sleep. I told her I sit at my computer writing most nights or I lay in bed having conversations with my grandmother in my head. 

Well, that was the wrong damn thing to tell a shrink!

The woman started asking me a shitload of questions about the conversations I have in my head with my grandma. I answered them. I informed her that I think these conversations come courtsey of knowing exactly what my grandma would say to me if she were here. I also told her that I didn't have these conversations in my head with my grandmother prior to her death. This may just be my way of coping with her death. 

I told the shrink I am a writer and I have a vivid imagination. I told her I frequently have conversations in my head with the characters I create. They tell me their stories. I don't have any damn imaginary friends. I just have an active most writers.

At that point, the woman tried to convince me that I'm having hallucinations. I'm looking at her like...

Bitch, I'm depressed not crazy. I'm not seeing any motherfucking ghosts!

At the end of my session she gave me a list of prescriptions for anti-psychotics.

This right here is why I avoided seeing a shrink for so long. As far as I can tell these bastards are nothing more than mental hustlers. They talk to you for 30 minutes while typing away into a computer. They then give you enough drugs to ensure that you're dazed the hell out until the next time you see them. The shit they try to cure with medication can probably be cured with some good pussy and weed!

I'm not taking any anti-psychotics. I'm not having any hallucinations, delusions, etc. This woman is probably trying to get me doped up and institutionalized in some maxmium security nuthouse in the backwoods of Georgia where she can continue to milk my insurance company for money.

I'm going to find myself a new doctor.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Why I Don't Watch The WNBA

I just got off the phone with Chocolate. We talked about a lot of stuff. Somehow or the other the conversation turned to sports. I told Chocolate I was looking forward to the NBA finals. I'm a Lebron James fan. So, I'm cheering for Miami. She asked me if I watch the WNBA?

Me: No

Chocolate: Why not?

Me: I'm just not into it. 

Chocolate: Umm...but you don't mind watching the men in the NBA.

Me: Yeah and it feels like I'm watching a different sport when I watch the WNBA.

There are a few reasons why I don't watch the WNBA...

When the WNBA first debuted in the 1990s I DID watch it. I was just a kid at that point, but I remember when it first debuted because my parents were still together at that point. I remember Cynthia Cooper and Lisa Leslie. 

I stopped watching because it wasn't broadcasted like the men's games. It also didn't keep me entertained like the NBA.

The few times I have watched the WNBA, and the one time I actually went to a game, the gawdamn ball was being thrown everywhere except for the hoop. I felt like I was watch volleyball with the ball bouncing in the air between different women.

I know this is going to sound sexist as hell, but basketball is probably the only sport that I can honestly say men are better than women. They play better. They shoot better. They pass better. Maybe this is due to men having a headstart in the sport. I don't know, but watching them is far more enjoyable than watching the WNBA.

Then there is the issue of identifiable superstars in the WNBA. There really aren't any role models in the WNBA. I don't hear little black girls growing up and saying some shit like, "I want to be like Cheryl Miller when I grow up." You definitely don't hear that about the women in the WNBA who look like men, which brings me to my next point...

The women in the WNBA are hard to look at...and don't get mad at me for saying it.

Most of the women I've seen who play for the WNBA look like men. Most of them are tall, muscular, and have strong jawlines. I don't want to see this shit when watching sports. The women in the WNBA are overwhelmingly black and overwhelmingly butch as hell.

It's bad enough the damn ball barely makes into the hoop for most of the game, but to watch some masculine women play a sport is just unappealing. I think this is why the WNBA is trying to appeal to the LGBT community. A lot of straight folks aren't interested in seeing this in a sport. I'm gay and I'm not interested in seeing it either.

I personally want to see some pretty, attractive, feminine women playing basketball. I want to see some ass and titties jiggling in the air as they are playing ball. I want to see some chicks bumping up against each other's ass and fouling.

I want to see some form fitting basketball uniforms. The basketball uniforms need to resemble something from Hooters...

This would make up for the ball not going into the hoop! At least you can sit there and drool over some ass and tits. 

Before people start jumping on my case just think about it for a second. A lot of straight black women watch the NBA just to see attractive athletic men running around a court. I'm not any different from them. I watch the NBA to be entertained and because I like basketball. When I watch the WNBA I want to see some attractive athletic women running round a court. This is what I want to see...

I guarantee if all the women in the WNBA looked something like this^^^their games would be sold out. 

People can say, "Well, you're not supposed to be watching the game based on should be watching based on their talent" but the bottom line is this: People don't want to see a whole bunch of manly looking women throwing the ball over, under, beside and around the hoop.

I don't have anything against Brittney Griner or the rest of the butch women in the WNBA. I'm sure these women have worked very hard to get where they are in life. It's not my goal to take anything from them. I'm just stating why I don't personally find the WNBA watchable or entertaining. 

If the WNBA wants to survive and bring in more money they need to do a better job of marketing the league. Put the pretty women like Skylar Diggins (the woman pictured above) in the spotlight and watch as the money rolls into the game.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Sweat's Facebook Page

Today I created a Facebook page for Sweat. I will use this page to update my audience about Sweat until I get a website. Character bios, chapter updates, etc will be posted on the Facebook page. 

If you're interested in liking Sweat on Facebook click this LINK or hit the like button in the right sidebar of my blog. 

P.S. Be sure to share the page with your friends, family, etc.
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