Friday, February 28, 2014

I Can't Avoid It Any Longer


I have officially stepped into the matrix. I have been avoiding it. The librarian in me would NOT let me abandon books and go to the dark side. I couldn't avoid it much longer. I briefly owned an Apple ipad mini in 2012, but I took it back to the store because it had a defect. After that I vowed to stay away from tablets. Today, I'm ashamed to say, I bought a tablet....a Kindle Fire HDX to be exact. 

Say it ain't so???

I own a regular Amazon Kindle e-reader, but I rarely use it. Why? Because I prefer BOOKS. I could never get used to an e-reader. I like turning the pages of books. I like the feel of books in my hand. The only reason I bough the e-reader is because I was fascinated by the technology. That technology has helped put over two hundred thousand dollars in my pocket. 

As a writer, I love tablets and e-readers. I can get international distribution of my work without going broke from printing cost. However, as a former librarian (and lover of books) e-readers and tablets make me sad as hell. I don't want to see a day when books stop existing. I don't think this will ever happen, but you never know. 

Anyway, I had my reasons for purchasing a tablet. Here is one of them...

I wanted a subscription to this magazine. The magazine is published in the UK. In order to get a print verison of it delivered to my home in Atlanta, Georgia USA I would have to pay $90! Whereas the digital version of the magazine is much cheaper and delivered to my tablet every month. Well, common sense prevailed. I bought a tablet and a subscription to this magazine. 

I am reading everything I can find about African businesses and the economy in various African nations. I went on Amazon and bought every book I could find about emerging businesses in Africa. I am dead serious about packing my shit and leaving the USA. I just need to decide where I want to go and set up shop. Right now South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, and Ghana are at the top of the list.

Anyway, for now, I will continue to educate myself.

Monday, February 24, 2014

My Brother & I Are Going To South Africa

My brother and I are going to South Africa. Why? Because of this...

I went to South Africa during my trip around the world, but shamefully it was just a short stop on my journey.  So, I really didn't get to see all the wonders of South Africa. However, now I'm very interested in the country. Why? Because there are economic opportunities there for well-to-do African Americans like myself.

One American dollar equals $10.81 in South African Rand. So, if I'm currently sitting on $225,000 in US dollars that equals $2,432,362.50 in South African Rand.

Why the hell didn't I see this^^^before???

My brother and I are going to South Africa to inquire about business opportunities. We want to start a business and leave America. This country, the United States of America, treats black people like shit. White people are killing black people in the streets and getting away with it. It's time to go! 

We want to live in an industrialized black dominated country. South Africa is a logical choice. The only issue I have with South Africa is the reality that wealth has yet to be redistributed, which has made crime rampant. This country should have stripped whites of ALL economic power when it gained its independence and the government became majority black. Social justice doesn't mean shit without economic justice. Believe me, we, African Americans, know that better than anyone. People aren't going to starve because they don't have jobs and money. They are going to kill, rob and steal. Crime and rampant homophobia are the only things that might make me second guess any decision to relocate South Africa.

Anyway, I want to know what South Africans (I hope that is correct) think about African Americans moving to South Africa. I want to know about print media and television in South Africa.

I know quite a few people from South Africa read my blog. Email me...I would like to ask you some

What Is Wrong With Some Of You Chicks?!?

I don't understand what the hell is going on with some of you chicks. And it is the old and the young alike...

I get emails from women reading "I have a crush on you," which is baffling in itself because most of you don't know me. Generally speaking, I don't have a problem with these emails. I find them flattering. I usually respond back with a polite comment like, "Aww that's sweet...I'm flattered" and that's usually where it ends with me. I honestly don't give it a second thought...not even when some of you include a nice picture. Why? Because I have no interest in meeting anyone through this blog. There was a time when I thought I could do it, but the thought of meeting someone off the internet turns me off.

When these same women CONTINUE to write me and the tone of their emails become obsessive and downright repulsive (example, "I have fantasies about you...let me explain") it seriously makes me want to QUIT blogging. 

There was one woman who was writing me so frequently that I stopped responding. I didn't have an issue with this woman until her "I have a crush on you" tone switched to "I feel I'm entitled to your attention...and not this Chocolate broad you keep pursuing." That's when I decided to cut the bitch off and stop responding. 

I wish there was a way to prevent women from catching feelings for me. As much as I come across as an asshole, you would think this would be a non-issue. But some women like assholes. Again, this is not the problem. The problem is too many are taking it too far. If I don't return your feelings don't take it personally and don't come at me on some stalking shit! Move on with your lives!

It's about respecting my space and setting boundaries. Think before you email me. Ask yourself if this is something appropriate before sending it to me. Ask yourself if you're crossing the line and intruding on my space.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Sweat: Chapter One (A Lesbian Soap Opera)

Sweat by Lezintellect (

After weeks of writing and rewriting, Sweat: Chapter One is finally available!

I just uploaded chapter one to Amazon Kindle. Even though this chapter is FREE, I was forced to set a price of $1.00 in order to get it on Amazon Kindle. However, as soon as it becomes live I plan to offer it for $0.00. 

So, if you have an ipad, iphone, smartphone, kindle, tablet etc you can download chapter one free of charge onto your device using Amazon's app or their website. When chapter one becomes live on Amazon Kindle I will add a link to this blog post. 

If you want to download chapter one as a PDF onto your computer you can use Gumroad. Chapter one is also FREE on Gumroad.

Gumroad is the service I will use to distribute all future chapters of Sweat. Why? Because my royalty is higher using this service than with Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc.

Rather than offer a subscription to Sweat, I've decided to offer it chapter by chapter. Why? Because my chapters run long. Some chapters may take longer to write than others. I don't want to feel rushed by subscribers of my content. I would rather sell chapter by chapter. 

Each chapter will be $1.00. 

If you're interested in downloading chapter one from Gumroad follow these instructions: 
  1. Click here to access chapter one on Gumroad.
  2. Scroll down and click on the green "I want this!" button.
  3. Do not enter your credit card information. Instead, skip down to the section that reads "Name a fair price."
  4. In the "name a fair price box" enter 0 (the fair price box and the credit card box appear by default even though chapter one is FREE. It's Gumroad's way of helping artist collect donations. I don't want any donations. So, just enter 0. The credit card box should disappear once you enter 0).
  5. Put in your email address and click the "get" button. 
  6. You should receive a message that reads: "We'll email your PDF shortly." Please notice the "Facebook" and "Twitter" buttons. Use them to share chapter one with your friends, family, etc. 
  7. Check your email. Chapter one should be there!
 In exchange for downloading my work, I ask that you do something for me...
  • Share this post with your friends and family. You encourage me to keep writing. So, the more people jumping on board...the better. Use Facebook and Twitter to share this post and my page on Gumroad (here).
  • Also, please take my one question survey about your thoughts on chapter one (Here)
Sidenote: Odessa (the chick with the eyepatch) looks good as hell in this illustration. I can't believe this chick fell out of my imagination! I swear if she was real...

***Edit 2/22/14: If you want to get chapter one FREE through Amazon you can now. Please note it will only be free on Amazon for the next five days. Amazon will not let me keep it free. So, if you want it on your tablet, phone, etc go get it NOW. Here is the link.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Angry Citizen Enterprises, LLC

Your favorite writer is about to become a business owner...finally! 

After speaking with my accountant about my taxes and my future endeavors we both agreed it's in my best interest to become a legal business entity. A limited liability corporation suits my needs. All future royalties and income from writing will go into my business account instead of my personal account. Material things such as the new Apple desktop computer I'm planning to buy can be written off as a "business expense" come tax season. 

I've decided to call my new business Angry Citizen Enterprises. Why? Because I'm angry as hell. I'm so angry that I've decided to be the change I want to see. I'm so angry I have declared I will never again work for someone WHITE. So, Angry Citizen works. 

I added the word enterprises because I have several interest. I hope to produce and write films one day. I hope to create some type of weekly or monthly publication soon. All of these ventures will fall under Angry Citizen Enterprises.

I owe most of my new ideas about business to the late Civil Rights icon, Booker T. Washington. I can honestly say this man, above all others, has given black America a blueprint for success. He had it right a long time ago. Black people should stop looking to integrate into white society. We should tell whites to go to hell, and demand they leave us the fuck alone. We should work on developing skilled trades and businesses that will aid in our collective survival and economic independence.

I'm currently reading the book pictured above and I feel so enlightened by Mr. Washington. My mind has opened to the reality that I was once brainwashed into believing that a simple college education was the ticket to success. I was brainwashed into believing I was amongst the so-called "talented tenth." 

What a load of bullshit! 

I now see myself for what I am: A gay black woman caught in the clutches of white racist patriarchal society. This is a society that doesn't want to see black people advance period....whether educated or not. 

Rather than be "a mule for the world" (thank you Zora Neale Hurston), I've decided to give this world my ass to kiss. I'm doing for myself. I'm not a millionaire yet, but believe me, I will get there one day. 

Get ready for Angry Citizen Enterprises.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Today is my grandma's birthday. She turned 86 years old. I called home to tell my dad to wish grandma a happy birthday for me. I can't tell her myself because she is in a nursing home, and she doesn't have a phone. My aunt gave me the number to the nursing home, but I don't want to bother the staff. I find it hard to understand what grandma is saying over the phone. Due to her condition, she is constantly talking in circles. So, I decided against calling the nursing home.

I wish I was home but I'm stuck in Atlanta. The entire state of Georgia is shut down due to the ice, snow, rain mix we are getting. It is impossible to travel home on Georgia's highways under these conditions. 

When I called home my dad informed me that grandma has been given six months to live. My heart dropped. I'm not surprised. I knew it was coming, but I wish I was home. As soon as the roads clear I plan to drive home and stay for a while.

Saturday, February 8, 2014


I had to share this^^^ because it is hilarious!

Friday, February 7, 2014

I'm Busy Right Now...

I haven't been blogging lately because I'm busy working on Sweat. I've re-written the first chapter three times. I'm finally at a place where I'm happy with it. 

Hopefully, the man I paid to do my cover art will be done next week. At that point I will release the first chapter on Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Noble Nook, and Gumroad (pdf service I plan to use for ALL chapters....I will provide more details on this at a later date).

I must say...I think I knocked the first chapter out of the park! I let a friend (who is straight) read it and she loves it! So, hopefully all you lesbians (specifically black lesbians) who have been craving quality fiction will love it too.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Black, Lesbian, Childless, Single & Lonely As Hell

I'm lonely as hell right now. I've decided to give up on Chocolate. She told me she has plans for Valentine's Day. I'm done pursuing her.. 

Loneliness has crept up on me today. 

At this point in my life (28 going on 29) I thought I would be settled with a wife and some kids. It is very disappointing that this has not happened for me. At this point I question whether or not it will happen for me. 

After re-reading your survey results it appears many of you are in the exact same boat as, lesbian, single, childless and lonely as hell. SMH

I started thinking about starting a list serv or a support group for people like us. Why can't we support each other? Some of us might even find love. So, I have an idea...

I want to start an email list for black, single, childless lesbians. I can start it by sending a group email to those of you interested and you can keep it going by clicking "reply to all" (or whatever it reads on your email client) to send out replies to everyone. We can keep the conversation going together.

No offense to anyone with children. Most of us, judging from the surveys, are NOT interested in women with children. So, I respectfully ask that you opt out of this opportunity. It's not personal. 

Also, older single black lesbians, you might find yourselves out of place amongst us 20/30 something year olds, who are interested in marrying and starting families. This might not be your cup of tea either. 

If you're interested in joining the listserv...and you're black, lesbian, childless, single (and shit...lonely as hell) send me an email. I will add you to the email list. My email is
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