Wednesday, December 25, 2013

My New Blog: Bowtie Lez!!!

I'm treating myself with a Christmas gift. I have created a new blog titled, Bowtie Lez

Bowtie Lez is place where I plan to let my intelligence flow. It will feature commentary about social issues, politics, pop culture, sports, entertainment etc. It will also feature commentary about my favorite subjects such as black history, genealogy and anything related to literature (this is the librarian in me speaking). 

The idea behind Bowtie Lez is simple...

I want to read/write commentary about the world from a black lesbian's perspective. I have searched all over the internet. The type of commentary/knowledge I desire to read is NOT represented. I am looking for an intelligent and analytical perspective on world events, black history, politics and entertainment from someone like me (i.e., black, lesbian, a woman). I could NOT find what I am looking I decided to create it myself.

For those of you who know me, you should know I used to be a librarian. I have a thirst for knowledge. Some of that knowledge has made its way onto this blog, but I am so much deeper than the things you have read on this blog. I probably read through 2-3 books a week. I'm constantly educating myself on a variety of subjects. I have a lot of interest. I am living proof that well-rounded black lesbians do exist. I want to read and write about the things that interest me.

Bowtie Lez is ground-breaking. It is the first of its kind. I'm not just saying that because I created it.

Bowtie Lez is the first BLACK OWNED blog site that I know of that charges for subscriptions.

Yes, you read that right.

I have taken my idea of creating a subscription based newsletter and applied it to Bowtie Lez. Rather than creating a newsletter I have created a blog that requires a monthly subscription fee in order to read the content and comments on the blog.

Bowtie Lez uses a feature called Tinypass which serves as a paywall for the site. In order to access content readers must sign up for a $1.99 monthly subscription. It took me a whole week to create the blog and incorporate the Tinypass. I did it all on my own (fuck a web designer...I can do anything I put my mind you can see).

To my knowledge I am the ONLY black blogger who has incorporated a paywall into my content. In that regard, I guess I am a pioneer. Several prominent white bloggers jumped on this ship a long time ago. Bowtie Lez (to my knowledge) is the FIRST black owned blog site that requires a monthly subscription to access content.

Some of you, who are new to my blog, might be wondering "Who the hell is going to pay $1.99 a month to read a blog? And why does she think this is a good idea." 

Sit back and get to know me!

I've stated over and over again on this blog that I want to be a publisher of some type. I love to write. I love the written word. I love to read. I desire to make a living as a writer and publisher. This is the avenue I have decided to take.

It's not simply about the money. This is what I love. This is what makes me happy. Why shouldn't I try to make a living doing what I love? Why shouldn't I create a business for myself when a good opportunity is available? People do it everyday. They are called entrepreneurs.

Plus, I think I have the magic touch. I think my voice is unique. I think I'm a good writer. I think I have a great personality. I truly believe people WILL pay to read my commentary. I think they will tell their friends about it. I think I will be successful. Why? Because I plan to do what it takes to be successful!

This venture is just the start of many more to come. Consider it a test pilot for other ventures. Bowtie Lez will allow me to experiment with subscriptions and content management. It will give me an idea of what it takes to maintain a digital platform that requires a subscription. This is just the beginning for me.

My target audience is black lesbians (and lesbians of color), though anyone can read my material. My goal is to build a media empire that caters to this demographic. In 2014, I plan to be a successful entrepreneur and businesswoman because one thing I have learned is the best way to keep the white man off your neck is to make sure he has no control over your wallet. Constant self-improvement and entrepreneurship my main goals. Bowtie Lez is the product of that thinking.

I plan to blog on Bowtie Lez at least 3-4 times a week. It will get more play than Diary of A Black Lesbian, which will only feature commentary about my life from this day forward. The fact is my life isn't very exciting these days. So, I don't have much to blog about. I won't have that problem with Bowtie Lez

If you are interested in purchasing a subscription to Bowtie Lez please read this LINK.

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If you have any questions or concerns, drop me a line.
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