Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Hot Boiling Rage

I fucking hate white people. I hate everything about them. And I don't give a damn if my words are offensive to anyone reading this post. When it comes to white people, I wish the motherfuckers would cease to exist.

In the twenty-eight years I've been on this earth I've seen and experienced enough shit from white people to know there will never be a day when I can look at them as a race and want to sing kumbaya

I don't want jackshit to do with them. 

I don't want to work around them. I don't want to live around them. I don't want to socialize with them. I don't want to spend my money with them. I don't want a gawdamn thing to do with them. 

This deep hot boiling rage inside of me has been threatening to boil over for years. Today was the breaking point. 

White people....particularly White non-Hispanic Americans...can kiss both sides of my BLACK ass. And if you're black and find yourself offended by this post, you can kiss my ass too! Fuck you!
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