Saturday, December 7, 2013

Justice Is Served!!!

Thursday I received an unexpected phone call from the owner of the body shop I'm currently suing. Apparently, he got served the papers and wanted to settle (no doubt encouraged by a lawyer). The owner is a white man from Columbus, Georgia. He is a redneck if I ever saw one. It's surprising he would hire two black men to run his business. That was a shocker to me.

The owner of the shop heard my complaints about the service I received on my truck. I also told him about the customer service and one of the managers telling me to "Fuck me and my ashtray" after I informed him my shit was stolen from my truck while it was in their care. 

The owner apologized and told me he would handle it. He asked me meet him at the shop on Friday. I agreed. 

I showed up at the body shop with my uncle. The owner of the shop called the two shop managers into his office. They immediately did a doubletake when they saw me and my uncle sitting in the office with the owner. He asked the manager who called me and told me "Fuck you and my ashtray" whether he said it. I gave him a cold stare...daring him to lie. 

He said he did.

The owner terminated his ass right there in front of me. He didn't just terminate his ass. He TKO'd his ass! He told him to pack his stuff and get the hell off his property! (His exact words). If this were a beat down it would look something like this...

The manager stormed out of the office...mumbling something under his breath. 

The owner then turned his attention to the other manager, who was responsible for the work on my truck. I'm convinced he is the individual who stole my ashtray out of my truck. Prior to the managers joining us in the owner's office I showed him my receipts, which clearly show I paid for some work that was not done. 

The owner asked the manager responsible for the work why it was not completed. The manager put the blame on another employee who works in the back. The owner then asked him why did he tell us the work was complete. The manager said something to the effect that he didn't have all the facts, which is complete bullshit. 

The owner terminated his ass too! 

That crooked bastard stood there looking like a deer caught in the headlights. A smile spread across my face upon seeing his reaction. For the first time in my life I found myself rooting for a white man, who clearly had it in his head that he was getting rid of these two niggas. I can't say I blame him. They are fucking up his money and the reputation of his business. Who in their right mind wants some thieving crooked bastards with piss poor ethics and customer service skills running their business? 

After the second manager stormed out of the office, the owner apologized to me again. He gave me my money back with an additional $150.00 for my stolen ashtray. I thanked him and I agreed to drop the lawsuit. 

I don't feel the least bit bad for the two assholes. They got what they deserved. They fucked with the wrong somebody. Justice is served...and I feel good about it.

Lesson learned: A black run automobile business will NEVER again see a dollar of my money.
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