Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Hispanic Women!

Selena...R.I.P  :-(

I love Hispanic women. I think they are some of the most beautiful women in the world. For much of my life I've pretty much regarded certain groups of Hispanic women (particularly Mexicans and Puerto Ricans) as black women with lighter (and sometimes darker) skin. Their African ancestry is quite obvious sometimes. They tend to have tan skin, full lips, and voluptuous bodies....just like black women.

I grew up crushing on Selena (may she rest in peace). Selena was built like a black woman. Her features, curves and rear end reminded me of a black woman...

 There are others just like her.

I would really love to date a Hispanic woman. However, the Hispanic women in Georgia (much like their black counterparts) leave much to be desired. They don't look anything like Selena. I would say 99% of the Hispanic women I run across here in Georgia are obese as hell. They look like fair skinned versions of Gabrielle Sidibe. The shit is depressing!

I've only met ONE Hispanic woman in Georgia who I thought was attractive. She used to work at Chipotle up the street from my ex-girlfriend's apartment. She was a small, friendly, pretty woman. I remember her well because she used to greet my girlfriend quite warmly when we would visit Chipotle. 

Maybe I should visit Texas, or one of the other Mexico border states, because I want to be around some attractive Hispanic chicks. They are NOT here in Georgia. 

At the moment I'm crushing on this beautiful Hispanic woman...

I'm in love!

who plays Sabrina on the soap opera General Hospital

Sigh...It's good to dream.
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