Sunday, November 17, 2013

I'm Motivated To Do The Damn Thing!

I'm moving forward with the newsletter. In 2014, I'm launching my new venture...

I've been doing some research. The more I research the idea, the more I like it. I've been looking into features and designs. I know I'm going to use mailchimp to deliver the newsletter. I like the flexibility of the templates that mailchimp offers. Take a look at some of these awesome newsletters created using mailchimp (link).

Like all good things, this is going to require both a financial and an emotional investment on my part. However, I'm dedicated to making my newsletter the best damn newsletter you've ever read. I've already decided my niche will be BLACK lesbians. I'm still playing around with names, but so far Milk & Honey has stuck in my mind.

I already have the very first feature article written in my head...

There is a woman, who I love dearly (I have only mentioned her once or twice on this blog). She was the victim of a violent rape. I want to describe the emotions I felt as she told me piece by piece what happened to her and how powerless and angry it made me feel. Rape doesn't just effect the individual who is raped. It can effect their partner/love interest/spouse as well. The title of that article will be...A Woman I Love Was Raped.

I don't share everything on this blog. Some things in my life are so troubling and personal that I don't feel quite right talking about them. For the sake of my newsletter and my own piece of mind, I've decided to be more forthcoming. I want my newsletter to be deeply personal, moving and inspiring. I want it to be a combination of Lifetime, Comedy Central, and PBS for black lesbians. I want it to be the Essence Magazine for black lesbians.

There will be thought-provoking first person accounts. There will be stories of love and loss. There will be stories of happiness and laughter. There will be educational facts about black history (this is the librarian in me...I love research. So, I have to throw this in the mix). And here is the best part....I can maintain it completely on my own!

Even though I can (and probably will...for the most part) maintain it on my own, some of you have emailed me expressing interest in writing for my newsletter. I'm opened to the idea. However, anyone that writes for me will need to understand that this is a START UP venture, which means you probably won't get paid until this thing actually starts turning a profit. I don't suspect it will turn a profit for at least a year. It will take time to build an audience and a reputation. Good things don't typically happen overnight, and judging from the results of my poll asking about this venture, it will be an uphill battle to PAID subscribers. So, if you're interested in writing for me you're more than welcomed. Just know that I can't pay you up front or right away.

I am looking for people who don't find sharing deeply personal stories. It doesn't matter if these stories are tragic or comedic. I'm opened to all sorts. I'm looking for people who don't find contributing on a regular basis (maybe once or twice a month). If you're interested in the job email me,

I'm also looking for someone to run what I'm calling my black lesbian "Dear Abby" section. This individual will be responsible for giving advice to black lesbians about love, life, family etc. Ideally, this individual should be mentally sound with some type of background in psychology or family therapy. It would also be nice if you are in a stable committed lesbian relationship yourself. If you're interested in the job email me
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