Monday, November 11, 2013

Hmm Maybe She's Onto Something...

I had a very interesting conversation with Chocolate today. I told her about my dream of making a living as a writer and becoming a publisher. She already knows I have a blog (though I have never told her the name of the blog). She suggested I start an email newsletter for lesbians. 

I can't lie. The thought has crossed my mind. I don't think I can maintain a daily newsletter. However, I can write a weekly newsletter. I did some research and I discovered that a standard daily newsletter is about 180 words. Newsletters usually consist of advertising as well. For some reason, I thought a newsletter was a two page, front/back, document....but apparently that's only for print newsletters.

I imagine I can create a weekly (not daily) newsletter. It will be much longer than 180 words. In terms of topics, I would like to write about everything from how to tell if your girlfriend is cheating to how to eat the box. Most topics will be serious, mild and hilarious. 

The newsletter will be delivered every Sunday morning (like a newspaper). Subscriptions will cost $1.99 a month. There will be a newsletter every week...for a total of 4 newsletters a month. 

I'm still thinking about names, but right now I'm thinking of calling my newsletter Milk & Honey: A Lesbian's Guide To Life.

I want your input. 

Would you buy a newsletter for lesbians as I have described? Hit the poll below and post your suggestions in the comment section of this post. 

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