Friday, November 8, 2013

Sometimes I Wonder What The Hell Happened???

I'm horny as hell right now, and that's because I just spent the last 30 minutes playing and replaying the above Karyn White video. Karyn White was (and still is) a very beautiful woman. On top that she can actually sing. Watching her bounce around this video has made me horny and hot. The video also made me ask myself, why don't black women of my generation (whether famous or not) have this same effect on me?

On average, I don't find myself getting this excited by black women of my generation (though there are exceptions like Lauren London).

I can think of an endless list of black (some biracial) women I grew up lusting for....
  • Karyn White
  • Anita Baker
  • Whitney Houston
  • Vanessa Williams
  • Jasmine Guy (in her prime)
  • Beverly Johnson
  • Robin Givens
  • Halle Berry
  • Diahann Carroll
  • Lela Rochon
  • Janet Jackson
  • Nia Long
  • Donna Summers
  • Pebbles
  • Toni Braxton
I can only think of two black women from my generation, who give me the same feeling as the women listed above and truthfully, it is purely sexual with these two...
  • Lauren London
  • Megan Goode
I don't know what the hell happened, but for some reason modern day black women in entertainment are NOT attractive to me.  Beyonce, Rihanna and 'em scream HOODRAT to me. That turns me off. For all the hype surrounding them, I have NEVER found either of these chicks attractive. Beyonce is NOT a beautiful woman to me. I think Rihanna is physically decent looking, but her personality is repulsive.

That must be it.

The black women I was crushing on in the late 1980-1990s carried themselves differently than those of my generation. They were sexy WITHOUT trying to be sexy. Karyn White was beautiful. She didn't have her ass hanging out in the video. Her talent spoke for itself. She was not out here making headlines for smoking weed or marrying a thug.

Black women of today have a serious PR problem. Folks who should NOT be heard or seen are the MAIN individuals on TV these days. The women with class, and actual talent, are NOT seen or heard. They are not promoted in the media. I believe this is playing a major role in my inability to find modern day black women in entertainment attractive. If I feel this way (as a black woman....a lesbian) can you imagine how MEN must feel???

People crop it up to self-hate when black men vocalize their distaste for certain black women, but I honestly think this subject is far deeper than that. There has been a changing of the guard. The "Vanessa Williams" of the world have been replaced by tacky tramps like Rihanna.

I don't know where the blame rest, but it sucks thinking about it.
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