Monday, November 4, 2013

Family & Money...The Shit Don't Mix!

I am so upset right now. Let me explain...

Almost a month ago I bought this truck....

My baby...Blackjack!

Encouraged by the good mechanical condition of the truck (it only has 80k miles on it...though it was manufactured in 1991...this truck can get upwards to 400k and still keep going) and the rims on the truck, I paid cash for it.

My uncle was with me when I bought it. 

After purchasing the truck, I dropped it off at my uncle's garage to have some work done. My uncle customizes cars. Before I agreed to let him customize it, I called by little brother (who is a mechanic) to ask him how much it would cost to have the work done. He assured me that my uncle quoted me a generous price ($500 for parts + $200 for labor +$175 for the alarm with starter).

Here is a list of things I asked to have done...
  • Replace the front bumper (which you can see from the picture above is bent) with a chrome bumper and grill.
  • Replace the rear taillights (they are outdated).
  • Replace the rear bumper (it too was bent). 
  • Re-upholstery the bench seat inside the truck. 
  • Remove and replace the radio and speakers inside the truck. 
  • Repaint the tan interior of the truck. 
  • Add an alarm system to the truck (which my uncle told me would make the doors powerlock...something I later learned was a lie). 
  • BONUS **Not necessary but would be nice...add some pipes to the truck so you can hear me before you see me. 
  • Purchase custom made floor mates with my name embroidered on them (I actually ordered these online myself).
  • Last but not least, wash the truck and shine the tires/rims.
When I pick up the truck ALL of the above is supposed to be done. 

So, what's the problem?

I'm convinced the crook I call "Uncle" has cheated me. 

First off, every time I stop by his shop to check on the progress of the truck there is something new that needs my attention. Apparently, the doors on GMC trucks "shag" after awhile. So the hingles need to be replaced or else I can look forward to slamming the door to get it to close completely. That is another $215.

Next, the tailgate on the truck...apparently the person who owned the truck before me hit something with the front of the truck. Unfortunately, he was also hit from the rear. We were able to replace the back bumper. However, by doing so another issue was highlighted. The tailgate has issues coming down with the new rear bumper. The accident the former owner had offset the alignment of the truck. This will have to be fixed in a body shop. I don't know how much this will cost. So, I'm guessing $300-$500.

From day one, I told my uncle I want to see the receipts for ALL the parts.

We agreed I would pay him $200 dollars for his labor. The rest of the money would go towards parts. I gave him $700 upfront. I gave him an additional $175 for the alarm, which he told me would include a starter (something I don't even need). I gave him an addition $45.00 for some "blue lights" he said would be necessary to look good with the headlights HE decided to put on my truck. Again, I handed over the money. Here are some pictures of what the truck looks like at this point...

Rear bumper and taillights were paint is being redone around bumper

Headlight replaced

The chrome grill... chrome bumper and black bottom fender were later added

I'm still sitting here without any receipts. 

I swore to myself if I even suspected this motherfucker was trying to cheat me I wouldn't hesitate to take his ass to court, and I damn well mean it. 

He said he would email me the receipts tonight...I better get them or there will be hell to pay. 

Why are the receipts important? 
  1. I want to know where every dime of my money went (I don't trust my uncle...and with good reason. I have witnessed him do some slick shit). He used to steal cars for a living. I doubt he would have any issue getting parts without actually paying for them....only to charge me for them later.
  2. I need the receipts for my insurance company. The rims on this truck are hot. Niggas here in Atlanta will try to steal them. That is the whole point of me getting the alarm put on the truck. I need to make sure the rims and the stereo are covered by my insurance company just in case I wake up one morning and find my truck sitting on bricks. 
  3. I hope to write this off on my taxes.  
When I show up to pick up my truck on Saturday it better be on point. I'm planning on taking some chicks to the drive-in in this it better be on point!

Lesson time I won't do business with family. 
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