Friday, November 1, 2013

Bittersweet & My Imagination

My break up with Yellow Bone has hit me hard. 

I haven't left my apartment since Monday. I haven't left my bed since Tuesday. I've been nursing a bottle of rum (straight), staring at the ceiling for hours on end (literally laying on my back and staring straight up at the ceiling), reading a copy of Stephen King's Misery (ironic, I know) and sleeping.

I'm not sure if I'm depressed. I think I'm too drunk to tell.

Today as I lay staring at the ceiling, something unexpected began floating through my mind... 

I began thinking of a story about a lesbian who murders her girlfriend after she rejects her marriage proposal. She kills the heifer with a machete in her sleep only to find herself sitting on deathrow six months later.

But then I thought....No, don't kill the chick. Figure out a way to control her...a way to make her say yes. 

So, began the develop of my latest science fiction novel, which I have decided to call Bittersweet

A black lesbian scientist develops a pill that will make her ex-girlfriend (they break up after the ex says no to her marriage proposal) say YES...not just to her marriage proposal...but to any and everything. Basically, she creates a pill that will turn her girlfriend into a stepford wife. The pill prevents women from saying NO to anything. Unfortunately, due to her selfishness and short-slightness, she doesn't see the ramifications that such an invention will have on society. 

Pros of the pill (depending on your definition of "pro" in this situation): Women, regardless of age, race, background, class etc can be controlled for up to five years using a single pill.

Cons of the pill: The pill only works on women, and therefore can easily be abused by anyone with a grudge against women (think date rape drug, rapist, men who want submissive wives and girlfriends etc). 

Fallout: Men, from all walks of life, become interested in the pill. 

So begins a saga that has dire consequences for the inventor, society and women in general (think a complete erosion of all the gains women have made in society in the last 40-50 years). 

A black lesbian love story is not in my future (on paper and off it seems). However, black lesbians can, and will, play a crucial role in my science fiction stories. 

Get ready...Bittersweet is coming!

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